January 25, 2008
Happy FOURTH Birthday, Scary-Crayon!!!

Yes, Scary-Crayon turns FOUR. YEARS. OLD. today! Hard to believe it’s been so long, but there you go. I know that there weren’t as many updates last year as there had been in previous years, and I’m not terribly happy about that, but I hope that either a) I update more this year or b) the updates, however frequently they come, consistently rank among the site’s better offerings in their respective categories. And I also hope that other readers (that is, YOU!) will contribute submissions from time to time! At the very least, I hope that 2008 is another fun year for SC.

So this might seem like kind of a lackluster way to celebrate — and a not terribly encouraging way to kick off SC’s fifth year — but here’s A Crayon Haiku #69. I’ve admittedly been feeling a bit under the weather this week — and by that I mean the cold, cold, cold weather, so I’ve spent much of my time shivering beneath blankets and not writing the articles that I meant to write for today. BUT I have done most of the photography and image work for them, so I’m still planning to have them up this weekend. What this means is that while today’s festivities may be a bit lacking, the celebration will continue throughout the next couple of days (or just tomorrow, depending upon how productive I am this evening and tomorrow morning/afternoon) with additional updates. I may even have another piece up before the day is over! And to prove to you that at least one of these articles is something that’ll definitely be worth the wait, here’s a scan:

The Care Bears meet the Madballs!

Oh. yes. in-. deedy.

Also — can’t recall if I’ve mentioned it here before or not — there’s new merch in the SC Cafepress store featuring the revised Crayon Critter design that appears in the current site header graphic. If you’re strapped for cash but still want to wear some SC love, I definitely recommend the value tee. The other items are a bit pricier (except for the buttons!), but should still be great if you’ve got the extra dollars to spend. While Cafepress can be kinda high in terms of prices, I’ve never received anything but top-quality merch from them.

Okay, that’s all for now — back to writing articles for me! Perhaps more in a few hours, or tomorrow morning at the very latest, I’ll have some Careballs love for y’all. 🙂


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  • Albert says:

    The Madballs met the Care Bears? Better than Batman meets the Predator, X-Men meet Star Trek, and Robocop meets the Terminator combined!

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