January 25, 2012
Scary-Crayon celebrates its birthday with HORROR

That’s right — it was on January 25, way back in 2004, that Scary-Crayon first officially opened its virtual doors to you mad Internet folk! We’ve had some hiccups and hiatuses along the way, but we’re still here and still committed to continuing to bring you crazy content, however frequently or sporadically it happens. Even if there’s only one article a year (and there will always be more than one article a year; just saying), as long as I live Scary-Crayon will endure.

Hope I haven’t jinxed myself there.

Anyway! This is only the first of several pieces intended to “celebrate” Scary-Crayon’s continued existence — I’ll have a couple more things to post tomorrow and maybe another for the weekend (if not then, definitely early next week) — but we’re going to kick things off today with this review of Fantasy Land. Like other children’s coloring and/or activity books we’ve reviewed in the past, there’s definitely something off about it… and in true Scary-Crayon form, we highlight that to the fullest by going completely overboard with our interpretation. I could be wrong — this is the Internet, after all — but I dare say this is the only page on the Internet where you’ll find a smiling unicorn attempting to eat from a tree that bears severed pig heads instead of fruit.

ADORBZ and creepy

Also, BLOG BONUS: an extra page from the book. I actually think this is pretty cute (despite the creepy eye), which means I didn’t have a whole lot to say about it in the review. But I wanted to share it, so here it is! Note that — and especially compared to Hasbro’s ponies — the horns on the Fantasy Land unicorns look dangerously pointy. Just another reason to fear the clony string…

And speaking of blog bonuses, do check out my lengthy commentary on the toy and collectibles show I attended last weekend! As I said in that entry, I forgot to bring my camera inside — and thus didn’t feel I had the visual component to warrant making it a proper article — but there was still a lot of stuff I wanted to discuss. So I did! Go read it if you haven’t already.

Aaaand that’s all for now! And thanks for continuing to read Scary-Crayon. I don’t post as often as I’d like, but maintaining and writing for the site remains one of my few fleeting sources of enjoyment in life. Wow, that sounds kinda gloomy. No gloom here. PARTY HATS, PEOPLE! Let’s all celebrate with wasabitinis.

Be seeing you… 😉

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  • RADIX says:

    Kinda looks like a fusion of G1 and G3.5 styles, but that’s just me.

    Fantasy Island? More like Sameface Island…

    • Wes says:

      The creepy stares notwithstanding, I don’t even know if these are as horrifying as the G3.5 style! I don’t know what Hasbro was thinking there. Well, besides HEY GUYS LET’S MAKE HORRIBLE PONIES THAT GIVE EVERYBODY NIGHTMARES, that is.

      Clearly I need to be working on Hasbro’s MLP design team. XD

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