January 27, 2012
Post-Xmas Clearance Toy Purchases!

Little late with this — and I’ve still got another entry I meant to post; I’ll put that up sometime today (Friday) — but here’s Post-Xmas 2011 Clearance Purchases (Part 1)! Who knows when I’ll get around to Part 2. Probably fairly soon, but the problem is that I’m still finding great spillover clearance buys… so it’s like, do I stop here or roll this entry over to Part 3? And how long should this post-Xmas clearance purchase time run, anyway? It’s certainly got to extend at least a week past the New Year (which still includes a handful of purchases). But, after that, am I finding post-Xmas clearance purchases or just regular anytime clearance purchases? YOU SEE THE THOUGHT I PUT INTO THESE ARTICLES?!?!?!


Another Pony Tails pony!!!

Hey, while we’re at it, MORE BLOG-EXCLUSIVE CONTENT! Remember that Pony Tails review I posted a while back? Well, I mentioned in that piece that I’d only seen Strawberry Vine and one other pony from the line (a baby pony; her review is still on the way), but since then I acquired this one as well! I wouldn’t call this a true clearance purchase — I think I got her for 25% off or something — but I just thought I’d share. At first I thought her cutie mark was the same, but it’s actually different… so there goes my brilliant plan to name her “Strawberry Vine II.”

Also, this pony was hella sticky and greasy right out of the package — more in line with what you’d expect from a knockoff. Washing her with soap and water fixed that problem, but you know how I feel about greasy toys. Had Strawberry Vine come out of her plastic prison feeling like that, I’d have had significantly fewer positive things to say about the line. So… yeah. I still kinda recommend it, but BUYER BEWARE!

And that’ll do it for this entry — keep enjoying YEAR NIIIIIIIINE of Scary-Crayon! More soon. XD

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