January 28, 2011
I don’t think this song is about me…

So I was originally going to post another Foodstuffs entry or two to cap off the Scary-Crayon anniversary week “celebration,” but then I remembered this article I’d wanted to do for a while — and I figured if any time were appropriate for an introspective piece concerning the webmaster’s desires and whatnot, it’s now. Right? So here’s the Wes Portrait Project, which includes a discussion of that topic as well as a bunch of drawings of me… because yeah, that’s what the project largely entails. I’m very curious to know your thoughts on it!

More food articles to come in the near future, yep yep.

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  • the Jax says:

    Your favorite self-portrait has quite a “Blade the Vampire Hunter” look to it!

  • Monte says:

    I tried five or six times in the last month or two to get this to load (stupid Eritrean internet!), and it finally worked.

    …WHY I was so determined to see illustrations of you, I have no idea, heh-heh.

    I’ve got a lot of catching up to do where the Scary-Crayon archives are concerned; this is in fact the first time I’ve seen your likeness.

    So is your name really ##########? ‘Cause Wes just fits you better, somehow.

    • Wes says:

      Yeah, there aren’t as many photos of me in more recent articles, but there are quite a few in earlier ones. Mostly in the Miscellaneous section, I think, but I had a tendency to show up often enough in the Foodstuffs category as well.

      And I’ve edited your comment a bit — I hadn’t realized that was in the image, or maybe I just wasn’t paying attention or didn’t think much of it at the time (while the name isn’t difficult to discover, I’d like to keep it semi-hush-hush) — but yes, that’s one of my three first names! “Wesley” is another of my given names, though, so it’s not like I picked “Wes” for love of Blade or sacked Watchers. 🙂

  • Monte says:

    You’ll always be ########## to me.

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