January 29, 2012
Yeeeeah…(Cutants and tumblr)

So I got kinda sidetracked with the promised content for the last two days — my 30-minute “errands” have turned into multi-hour slogs through adjacent cities and whatnot — but there’ll be more soon, seriously! Here, have a preview of something I found today and will be reviewing in the near future.

Polly Pocket Cutants Friends Collection

Even though I got this set on clearance for $3, I think it’ll merit a full review — each Cutant deserves at least a paragraph. The one I truly feel for, though? Pigwich. That thing is so lucky the Polly Pocket girls are perpetually dieting.

Oh, and I made a tumblr for Scary-Crayon! Not really sure about the extent to which I’ll be using it, but I’ll at least be plugging new content and stuff in the hopes that people will spread the links around and maybe get us five new readers or something. I might also synch it up with the blog with respect to really brief entries. Who knows! And you can ask me questions on there and stuff, I guess? Anyway, yeah, that’s there.

(I feel like such an old fuddy-duddy with all this newfangled social media stuff I really don’t understand. :P)

So. MORE TO COME! Stay tuned, people.

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