February 1, 2009
Even more Crayon Haiku!

Hey all! As the topic says, we’ve got even more Crayon Haiku for you today, but first, an apology: I totally meant to have another article up to commemorate the site’s fifth anniversary, but then I got bogged down and kinda didn’t get that done. Also, admittedly, I was so pleased with the Scary Faces piece that I was hesitant to knock it off of the top spot. I really do like that article! :mrgreen:

Anyway, here are three more haiku! Today is Lis Sladen‘s birthday, so we wanted to mention that given the love that Scary-Crayon and frequent contributor Mickey Glitter of Strange Cousin Susan exhibit for one Sarah Jane Smith. Apparently Hulk loves Sarah Jane, too! And then there’s a quick haiku mentioning my newfound love of Power Rangers figures. Expect more of them to show up on the site in the near future, as well as possible Jungle Fury episode reviews. Suffice it to say that that show is at least fifteen times better than it has any right to be. I’m hooked.

All for now, then. You know better than to set your watch based on release dates that I mention here in the SC blog, but I’m hoping to have another article done for tomorrow or Tuesday. It’ll be a retro toy review that is kinda sorta appropriate given what’s recently appeared on the pegs at Targets across the country. You know what I’m talking about. 🙂

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  • Mickelodeon says:

    How can you *not* love Sarah! Jane!? And I ask that as a bystander only…not a total frickin’ fangirl of everything Sarah! Jane!, seriously. And the pictures you chose are perfect. I especially like the young Lis from “The Time Warrior.”

  • Mickelodeon says:

    Pee. Eth.: I think Mondo loved Sarah! Jane!, too and although I don’t think he could have trumped the Hulk, he probably could have hurt him just a bit. Maybe. 😉

  • 61?! Wow! She looks like she’s in her late 30s-early 40s. That’s a pretty good-looking “old lady”.

    Anyway, what version of Power Rangers are the two on the right from? They look more like Gatchaman characters.

    BTW speaking of Japanese Superhero shows, has anyone been watching Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight? As a Kamen Rider fanboy, it’s great to see him back in the states. The Americanized acting is terrible (which I get a kick out of), but I dig the story so far.

  • Albert says:

    Teenage Mutant…Power Rangers…I dunno…

  • Wes says:

    Mick: I’m glad you liked the screencaps! I couldn’t have told you where that first SJS pic came from, though, so I’m rather impressed by your eye for that sort of thing. And I’m going to have to watch “The Brain of Morbius” again at some point, since I barely remember Mondo at all!

    Tetsu: Yes, keep it up! Our goal is to flatter Lis Sladen into commenting. 😉

    The two on the right are from Jungle Fury, the most recent US Power Rangers show (not counting RPM, since that doesn’t start until March). You might still be able to find them lingering in stores right now, so if they interest you I advise you to pick them up ASAP! From what I can tell, they might be the best Power Rangers figures that Bandai has ever released — not counting the 7.5″ Super Legends figures, they’re the most articulated Rangers I’ve ever seen. They pose incredibly well. And at $7 a pop (even less if you can get them on clearance), they’re an excellent value to boot!

    I haven’t been watching “Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight” — while lately I’ve been making an exception for “Smallville,” I generally avoid the CW like the plague. If Bandai releases some kickass Kamen Rider toys, though, I may be more inclined to give it a chance.

    Albert: You do know — and the word you’re looking for is “awesome” — but you’re hesitant to admit it. 😉

  • Ragey says:

    Would I be a terrible person if I admitted I was hoping you’d pick up some Power Rangers? I was hoping to hear word on their poseability, as I haven’t found anywhere that mentions it, but they look like good bases for kitbashing, and certainly easier to find than Marvel Legends.

  • Wes says:

    Well, Ragey, you are in luck! I don’t intend to fully review any of the Power Ranger figures I’ve purchased, but I do have an article planned in which I talk about my newfound love of the franchise and offer truncated comments regarding each of the lines and figure types that I’ve sampled thus far. The piece will feature articulation breakdown images — like you, that’s something I wish I’d been able to find on the ‘net before; I’d have gotten way more Jungle Fury figures if I’d been aware of their poseability — so by the time you’ve finished reading it you’ll definitely be in the know.

    That said, these are NOT ideal figures for kitbashing. Not because they’re bad figures, but because they’re made to endure playtime with Bebe’s kids and remain completely intact. You know how you could imagine a kid accidentally pulling a part of a Marvel Legends figure off and then popping it back on? That ain’t happenin’ with a Power Ranger. These things are constructed with metal pins and screws and glue in alternating areas so that no one part can be removed without the use of a hacksaw. And even if you were inclined to break out said hacksaw, the plastic is that really hard, shiny shit that’s probably an experimental Japanese diamond hybrid. You’ll sprain your wrist trying to scratch these things.

    If all you want to do is a headswap, you could probably pull that off — but even then you’d have to sand down the neck peg quite a bit, since it’s not so much a peg as it is a huge cone-shaped thingy. Older Power Rangers are also easier to dismantle, since they were constructed largely with screws. But starting with the powered-up Jungle Fury Rangers (the ones with mostly white outfits)? Forget it. I actually wanted to use one for a potential Casshern custom, but that totally isn’t going to work.

  • I don’t know about customizing them, but you could always use the one on the far right, as is, as a stand-in for Casshern if you had to.

    I REALLY think whoever designed the “Jungle Fury” costumes was either a former Tatsunoko designer or a huge fan of Tatsunoko characters.

  • Wes says:

    Possibly… though I actually think the Super Legends White Ranger figure would be a better figure for the job. The armor is removable, and while he’s got a gold diamond pattern underneath like the original MMPR figures (though I’m told he didn’t have those on the show) I could easily paint those white. They’re sculpted details, so lines would remain, but it probably wouldn’t look too bad. I’d have to paint the rest of the figure white too… and maybe paint a random boomerang accessory yellow and glue it to his helmet. 🙂

    Actually, since I have two extra White Rangers, the only thing stopping me there is the supposed “rarity” of the figure!

    And I think most (well, many) people in Japan are probably huge Tatsunoko fans… otherwise the release of Capcom vs Tatsunoko wouldn’t have made any sense at all! Speaking of which, I totally need to review Tatsunoko Fight for PSX one of these days. 😀

  • I can’t wait for Capcom vs Tatsunoko (me being a fan of both, as well)!

    It’s too bad the only current system I own is the DS, I really wish more fighting games got the portable treatment.

  • Wes says:

    What do you mean, you can’t wait? It’s already out! Unless you mean you can’t wait for a US release… in which case I’m thinking you’ll probably be waiting a while.

    Also, you own a computer! Plenty of fighting games are at your disposal. 🙂

  • I guess I mean that I can’t wait until the game becomes accessible to me.

    I’ve been out of touch with the latest games for a few years now, and I’m just now starting to get back into them, but it’s a slow process, and I’m always a little out of date.

    And, now that you mention it, I do have a few good fighting options on my computer that I should get reacquainted with…

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