February 2, 2009
Ninja Newscaster April!

And here’s that aforementioned retro toy review: a closer look at April, the Ninja Newscaster! Or whenever Ridiculous outfit aside, the figure’s as good as any other April Playmates has ever released — and is far hotter than all of them, including even the 2007 movie April. That may not be saying much (that figure is so not cute), but Movie III April is admittedly a strong contender in the attractiveness department.

Also, note the screencap of April from the Genesis version of TMNT: Tournament Fighters that appears in the article (as well as the modified image on the content pages, which I really love) — yeah, I actually had to play the game to get that. Which means that you totally owe me. That game was bloody awful, which makes even less sense in light of the undeniable fact that the SNES version was pure awesome.

More figure reviews to come!

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  • I have mixed feelings about the anniversary re-release of the old toys. It’s a cool idea, but i still have most of my old TMNT toys anyway. Now, if they brought back the “Wacky Action” line (always wanted the WA Leo figure) I might be more interested.

    I’d rather just go for the NECA comic book based TMNT figures, or get the stone generals from the CG movie. I wouldn’t mind getting a few Foot soldiers, but my Dollar-store Ninja make fine stand-ins for them.

    Anyway, I agree that the April figure in question is dressed horribly. She looks more like Heavy Metal cover art than a TMNT character (interesting considering who owns Heavy Metal Magazine) .

    I disagree about her being the most attractive April figure, though. I’d give 2003 toon April that title.

  • Wes says:

    Yeah, there are definitely better versions of the Turtles that Playmates could’ve rereleased. The Wacky Action figures would have been excellent — I’ve never had a Wacky Action Don or Shredder, and I’d especially love to have the latter — as would Storage Shell Turtles or the regular figures with the cloth trenchcoats. In any case, I agree that Playmates should have done something to make these figures more appealing. The DVD is a nice touch, but painted accessories, more ‘toon accurate paint jobs for the figures, or even special 25th anniversary refrigerator magnets would have added some extra oomph to these guys.

    I’d go for the NECA ones too, if I could find them anymore — and I only saw them a few times even when they were supposed to be out. But now that I actually want them? NINJA VANISH!

    Poor April is dressed horribly, but for me that’s a huge part of her charm. The Heavy Metal reference actually makes me like her even more! If I had a Kenny from “South Park” figure, I’d totally display it alongside her. 😀

    2K3 April is pretty attractive too, but she’s got this blankly serious look that, for me, takes her out of the running for hottest figure. Most of the old Playmates April figures had sly little smiles that gave the figures that extra bit of sexy character. Besides, as bad as Ninja Newscaster April’s outfit is, 2K3 April’s is even worse. 😉

  • Mickelodeon says:

    That’s the funkiest nightgown I’ve ever seen. I might argue it’s not actually a nightgown, though, but either way, nightgown or no, it’s pretty bad. It puts me in mind of the old-time bathing suits, not circa the turn of the century (19th into 20th), but from the 1950s/early 1960s. And then all I can think of is Kim Novak and Janet Leigh for some inexplicable reason and I realize I’d rather see bad 70s fashion than bad 1950s/early 1960s bathing suit fashion.

  • The S says:

    I like how you have an edited Tournament Fighters April for the icon for this entry. Harkens back to the custom I did last year….

  • Wes says:

    Mick: You’d know better than I would about what it actually is! In any case, while it might be outlandish and totally inappropriate for a ninja… it’s still rather fetching. 😉

    The S: You must show us this custom! (And release a playable demo of that game… I want to see that dinosaur in action. :mrgreen: )

  • Hero says:

    I need to visit your site more often mate.


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