February 5, 2007
The SF2 Crossovers That Time Forgot!

It’s time for another trip to that wacky world of old school homebrew Street Fighter II titles! In this latest piece, we take a look at SFNinja: Champion Edition and SFRanma, two SFIBM mods that respectively pit the World Warriors against a multitude of palette-swapped ninjas and the cast of Ranma ½. The author of those games, Maximoff, is even on hand to share his insights into the creative process — as well as tell us about the exciting new fighting games that he’s been working on as of late! Due to the apparent incompatibilities with my system and the beta versions, I can’t vouch for them just yet, but the YouTube previews look pretty neat. “Maneater” is such an appropriate song for Mileena, too. :mrgreen:

Sound test, where have you been?

Also, when I was recording Ryoga’s “hot steak” sound effect, I noticed that Ranma ½ Hard Battle for the SNES had a sound test in its options menu. This in and of itself isn’t particularly surprising — a lot of games had these back in the day — but seeing as how I can’t recall having seen one in ages, I’m curious to know if games still have these. Am I just overlooking them, or have programmers decided that players are no longer interested in listening to isolated sound effects? I suppose this feature could’ve been replaced by hidden jukeboxes and FMV galleries.

Also, while working on this article, I had occasion to test out some of the additional features of WinSCP — and I’ve gotta say, this FTP program is bloody awesome. Considering that it’s got the ability to synchronize local and remote browsing and compare directories to locate file changes (which is great because I have SC mirrored on my HD, but of course my local copy is always the most recent version), I’m thoroughly impressed. The added security is great too, of course.

All for now, then — thanks for reading, minna-san! And thanks again to Maximoff for his contributions to today’s retro gaming excursion. 🙂

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  • Jenn Dolari says:

    Iralod, eh? That name looks mighty familiar. 🙂 Did you find the special attack that only works on the males? I asked for that specific move. 😀

    I miss these days. I remember them so well…

  • An Eskimo says:

    This makes me miss the Capcom crossover games and how much I liked them. 🙁

  • Reggie Brown says:

    Can you make a better mfighter because it looks very cool but theres no sound and the graphics could be a little better and less characters. PLEASE!

  • IMHO The parody MK characters sound a bit more interesting than the actual characters would be. Particularly, Vomit! I love the idea of a fighting game character named Vomit!

    Of course, this is coming from a guy who’s still working on making his own fighting game which includes a Mermaid princess, her Frog-boy brother, and a Kamen-Rider/Kikaider wannabe in it’s line-up.

  • aerialgroove says:

    Thanks a lot! Site of the month @ FightingStreet.com

  • Anonymous says:

    You forgot Wolfenstein3D vs Street Fighters

  • Wes says:

    Is that even a real game? I’ve never heard of it! Link please?

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