February 14, 2008
Even more Gorilla Grodd in A Crayon Haiku #72.

Luckily, this one’s a bit outdated, as the debilitating fever that hit me towards the middle of last week — the sneezing and runny nose aspect of which is depicted in today’s haiku — motivated me to finally put Grodd down. Well, I still intend to make him a fancier cloth cape, and I did buy some discounted beads and jewelry things from Michael’s to fit him with a vaguely Egyptian-looking necklace, but I’m done with the painting aspect of the project. (Oddly enough, it’s one of those deals that I think looks better in photos than in person. Ah well.)

Grodd Grodd Grodd

I’d actually meant to have been done before — when I said I was done last time — but the bit of paint rub around the awkward torso joint led me to go to hell with sanding on the belly, repaint that entire area (many, many times), and then go over it with this Mod Podge matte glue in order to ensure the security of the paint job. So now I’m satisfied with that (and have learned a helpful step that should prevent me from needing to spend as much time on future customs) and have moved on. Or, more appropriately, I haven’t started any new projects as I have focused on recovering. But I’m feeling much better now, thank you.

Waist articulation minus the paint rub!

And if the images in this haiku look familiar to you, don’t panic — the sneezing Wes is recycled from an ollld holiday Hot Flash and the Bizarro comes from Hot Flash #40 (though in keeping with my newfound knowledge of the character, I’ve modified the colors a bit). Speaking of Bizarro, you should be seeing him again before the month is out — every February we have an obligatory piece of sorts, and this year Batzarro and Bizarro have been chosen to be my spokespeople. So stay tuned for that, as well as more fun toy reviews. 🙂

‘Till next time, minna-san! :mrgreen:


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  • I think Grodd might already be using one of his inventions to mind-control you into making him look better. 😛

    It’s only a matter of time before he looks life-like.

  • Wes says:

    Ha! If Grodd had wanted to keep me painting on him indefinitely, he should have developed technology to prevent me from getting sick — that fever pretty much killed all desire I had to keep painting and repainting the toy over and over again.

    That said, I’ve purchased a new Kong figure in anticipation of an upcoming Monsieur Mallah project. 🙂

  • Ah, the Doom Patrol villain. Heh, the DCU sure has a lot of super-intelligent gorillas, doesn’t it? o.o

  • Wes says:

    Considering that Gorilla City is full of them, it most certainly does! :mrgreen:

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