February 15, 2007
Behind-the-scenes progress (!)

As I noted yesterday, we’re going through some behind-the-scenes changes regarding the Scary-Crayon content pages — and during the last few hours, you might have noticed some serious wonkiness with the blog. For one, the URL has changed (!!!), so you should update your bookmarks and links and whatnot (assuming that you’re linking to the blog instead of the main page) to https://www.scary-crayon.com/features/blog/. Even if you don’t, though, I should have a redirect in effect such that going to the old blog url (sans the ‘features’ directory) brings you to the new page. If you notice problems with that, you know what to do.

That’s about the only change that should be entirely noticeable, and the reason for it is that whereas before you were viewing the blog index — which was located in the ‘blog’ directory — now you’re viewing the category page for the blog, as the index is located in the site’s root directory and now displays the front page content. I’ve still got the site’s base URL set up to default to the current main page for the time being, which has always been located at main.html/php. But if you want a look at the index as it will be, here you go. Like I said, it’ll be pretty much the same as the current layout with a few minor differences (I plan on having separate categories for both the games and writing-related articles), but it should make things slightly more organized and streamlined (or not) from an administrative standpoint. We will see…

At any rate, I should have some actual content for you before all of this is said and done. 🙂

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