February 16, 2007
Meanwhile, at the Scary-Crayon HQ…

And here is yet another blog entry to keep you in the loop regarding some of the changes to the site. I noticed a problem with sites being unable to access the site without typing a “www” in front of the URL, which has (hopefully) been fixed now. Progress continues to be made regarding the adding of the content blurbs to the WordPress database — all of the brief comments about the pieces in the miscellaneous, games, poetry (sans haikus), print media, and writing/fiction categories have been added. The pages presently have different limits for the number of posts that will appear on them, but that’s part of my layout testing, as I haven’t decided precisely how many articles I want to have linked per page. 25 (or something thereabout) seems like a good number, but then that would mean that folks would have to scroll through multiple pages to see all of the Dusty Plastic HELL pieces, to say nothing of the entire site’s archives. I wonder if folks would be willing to go through that.

Oh well, I’ll figure something out. As always, your input is encouraged. 🙂

In other news, I’ve modified the Links section a bit. Since Huffin’ and Puffin’ apparently died a sad and lonely death unbeknownst to me, I’ve removed it from the sidebar — but in its place, I’ve included a link to Tresob Yr’s Star Wars Action Figure Theater! Lots of cool stuff there, so check it out. I know next to nothing about Star Wars, but I’m particularly fond of the bootleg toy reviews. I’ve also updated the link button to Pop Arena. Good times, yes.

Speaking of link buttons, I haven’t added these to the sidebar yet — I’m waiting until I finish a couple more before I do that — but here’s a look at some of the new images I’ve created for Scary-Crayon:

Suuuupa Mutation!

Suuuupa Mutation!

Suuuupa Mutation!

Suuuupa Mutation!

SAINT Mutation!

Naturally, they’ll display smaller on the page — and on your page, should you choose to download them to your site and use them — but I’ve enlarged them here so you can get a better look at them. And yes, that is a modified Wolverine sprite. 😉

All for now, then — new content soon!

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