February 26, 2008
A Crayon Haiku #73!

There’s really not a whole lot to say about A Crayon Haiku #73 — just a look at King Kong prior to his eventual transformation into Monsieur Mallah (with Krang temporarily filling in for the role of the Brain). I was initially planning to use this version for the Grodd custom before I happened upon the “superarticulated” figure, but since I didn’t want the Mallah to end up looking like a straight repaint of that toy I decided to go with this one for him.

Despite the lack of articulation, I think this one will a lot better for Mallah — if only because he looks fairly natural holding guns but not so much without them. He’s also looking up slightly, which would have annoyed me with Grodd but doesn’t bother me so much with a more thoughtful intellectual sort. Well, Grodd is an intellectual too, but he’s the kind that will beat you to death and then feast on your carcass. Given his French sensibilities, Monsieur Mallah judges that sort of behavior to be uncivilized.

I’m finding that I rather like these Kongs — I’m almost tempted to get one of the meaner looking ones and do a new Grodd that really approximates the McGuiness people-eating ferocity. At least the one versus the juvenile V-Rex lacks waist articulation, so I wouldn’t foresee there being any awkward painting problems with him!

Seriously, curse these Kongs. 🙁

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