February 28, 2006
That’s So Racist!

So here’s the first of those “That’s So Raven” articles I promised — a rather serious analysis of “True Colors”, the Black History Month episode. Like I say before posting all of these articles, while this is Scary-Crayon and my primary intent with the site is to entertain you folks, I do hope that occasionally my writings provide some food for thought and/or encourage you to consider things from another perspective. So read, comment, let me know what you think, etc., whether it’s general remarks about the show or comments concerning today’s deeper subject matter.

By the way, regarding the last such piece on Scary-Crayon, my Wikipedia research alerted me to the apparent fact that George Washington Carver was not the inventor of peanut butter. I find this incredibly interesting, seeing as how I’m almost certain that I was taught this information during one of the Black History Month units in elementary school. Now I’m not suggesting that teachers intentionally misinformed us in order to bolster the accomplishments of so-called “African-Americans”, but the apparent thoroughness of the curriculum research (that is, the lack of it) leads me to wonder about the sincerity of these attempts to enlighten students about “black history,” especially since I’ve never heard a compelling reason for studying it (as opposed to addressing these individuals in the context of their respective accomplishments).

Anyway, ponder and enjoy! Next time we’ll have lighter fare for you. 🙂

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  • Kristen says:

    Raven is going to eat you for talking about her show. But hey, look on the bright side, you’ll get to be on TV in her tummy.

  • sonny says:

    That Raven sure is built like a shit brick house.

  • Calaquin says:

    If only there were more black people like you…

    Sorry, I just couldn’t help it. The joke was there, and I had to go for it.

    It does bother me that history classes (in high school, not college) always seemed to designate February to learn the “black” side of America. It’s like they’re portraying black people as inferiors, and that when they do something of historical significance, it’s supposed to be shocking.

    Tell me if this seems odd to you: I remember seeing this wall every February showing, you guessed it, great achievements by people with darker skin pigments. One of them was “the first black man to climb Mount Everest.” Quite a few people climbed it before him, so the ONLY reason he stood out was because he was black. I saw that back in elementary school, and it still gets under my skin.

  • Kudos on being able to get a serious thought-provoking essay on racism from a corny Disney-Channel show. The contrast is great.

    Frankly, I never understood why they just couldn’t change it to “History Month”. Because there’s really no such thing as “Black” history. All history is connected and people of all colors take part in it.

    If you think about it, there’s really no such thing as “race”. It’s just something people made up to categorize people by physical traits and geographical region, but it’s still made up crap.

    You’d actually be surprised what many people accept as tangible that ultimately we made up. (Time for example).

    As for the Disney Channel, I DESPIRATELY miss the good old days of “Kids Incorporated” and “Dumbo’s Circus” before Disney started targeting the teenagers.

    Frankly, I’d like to see a big article slamming “The Proud Family”. That show pisses me off, and it has nothing to do with so-called “race”, and everything to do with clich?s and bad writing/acting/etc.

  • Random Guy says:

    With regard to black history month, you make some good points, and I’m not sure that I disagree with you. I’m also, being a foreigner, ignorant of the particulars of black history month.

    However, I can see the argument that, given that so many recent (i.e the last 500 years or so) historical accounts were written by white Europeans at a time when white Europeans dominated the world, and a time when racist attitudes were as ingrained as they were; it mightn’t be a bad idea to look at recent history through a different lens, so to speak, to focus on those who’d until recently been kept out of the history books due to this (previously) ingrained racism.

  • Well, written history is pretty screwed-up. Look at Columbus! He actually discovered nothing, accomplished next to nothing. And, he has his own holiday, and is regarded as “The Guy Who Discovered America”.

  • Wes says:

    Calaquin: That’s sad, but sadly unsurprising.

    Tetsu: If you think about it, there?s really no such thing as ?race?. It?s just something people made up to categorize people by physical traits and geographical region, but it?s still made up crap.

    That’s absolutely true, and one of the things that keeps people from recognizing it (besides their own ignorance) is the proliferation of media that encourages and demands that people emphasize so-called “racial” distinctions. Note that in the episode, while the woman was already racist, Raven nevertheless insisted that race be a motivating consideration in her hiring practices. Kids are watching Raven, so what is that teaching them?

    Random Guy: While I see your point, it’s important to note that BHM is not African History Month, nor is it regarded as such (at least in the US). While admittedly such a celebration would be a little odd here, I have no problem with the concept of African history, given that it would focus on the events that took place in a specific region, their impact on other historical developments, etc. Similarly, I have no problem with the discussion of such events as the Harlem Renaissance and the Civil Rights Movement — provided that no attempt is made to claim that they have special relevance to certain individuals today solely on the basis of their skin color — in their proper historical context.

    BHM is not about these developments, however. It largely entails a cursory gloss of the accomplishments of more/less modern individuals (television is even peppered with advertisements celebrating the achievements of people of color today in honor of the month) with especial emphasis on the color of their skin. The argument has been made that given the widespread and ingrained nature of racism in society, BHM must exist to tell people that “black” people are not inherently inferior and are “also” capable of making valuable contributions to society. But the truth of the matter is that racism will exist as long as people continue to accept the concept of “race” — and BHM only reinforces people’s belief in its fundamental importance as a way of distinguishing individuals.

    • Anonymous says:

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  • Tom No Like says:

    Ah, I remember when you wrote the old BHM article.

    In my opinion, it really is just a good PR mechanism for tv networks, schools, pretty much anything. Why not learn about Malcolm X in November? Why not read about George Washington Carver’s many inventions in July? How about sitting down, relaxing, and watching old Muhammed Ali fights on a nice, cool, April weekend? That’s right, the only place that you can find information on “Black History” is on the internet.

    Oh, unless of course it’s February. Then you can find bountiful amounts of info on TV! Watch The Proud Family hammer the black stereotype into the minds of children(and hear the obnoxious voice of Tommy Davidson)! Let’s watch the Rugrats and learn all about it from the only black family in the neighborhood AND laugh at the mispronounciations! Watch the annoying shorts on Nickelodeon that educate you on the finer points of peanut butter…

    It’s rediculous. Thank you Wes, for not siding with races, for having your own views and opinions! Sure BHM was started by a black man, in 1926, but it’s just used to “educate” children on ALL the nuances of African-American history.

    Last year(9th grade) I read Malcolm X’s Autobiography. We didn’t finish the book until May, but it was started in February. We also watched Roots. I found it amusing to see LeVar Burton without a metal visor or a children’s book in hand. Oh, or those milky white cybernetic eyes he had in First Contact. And I laughed every time John Amos came onscreen because he has a wrinkly neck.


    So um.
    I lost my train of thought.
    Black History Month is stupid.

  • R.C. says:

    Carver didn’t invent peanut butter, eh? Damn. My second-grade ‘black history month’ project was all a lie, then. 🙁

    I like this post, and it sort of reminded me of another disney channel show I saw once that was tailor-made for the month of february. The show was The Proud Family, and though I can’t really remember the plot, I do remember one of the characters mentioning that SAT tests were…(damn, it’s late, and I can’t quite recall which word to use here) well, something like they were written to purposefullly prevent african americans from passing them. And that sort of made me go ‘wtf’. Does this make any sense to anybody? Anyways, since this is my first post here, I’d just like to say great job with SC (I love it!) and I can’t wait to read more articles. 🙂

  • Naomi says:

    I agree, Wes. The whole race issue isn’t about to die any time soon. It is rather unfortunate that people still think this way. It’s hard to accept that science was the field that taught us that black people are inferior. As a social scientist, I have always had a hard time with this issue. We all originate from Africa (yes, even those of us with fair skin tone), a place we have designated as “the black motherland”, or some junk.
    I think it would help if we were to teach our children, early on in life, that we are all the same. Once they get to be of an age where they start fist fights for stupid reasons, it’s too late. Yet, people in general still just turn the other cheek. So people of Scary-Crayon, spread the word. Start with the young ones.
    Have you ever wondered why BHM is the shortest month of the year? To me that, in and of itself, sends a negative message.

  • Actually, I don’t believe we’re “all the same” at all, we’re all different. But, we’re different as individuals, not different as races.

  • Wes says:

    Tom: Did they really have a BHM Nickelodeon short that talked about peanut butter? Because given that Carver apparently didn’t invent it, that’s pretty interesting.

    R.C.: Yeah, don’t get me started on “The Proud Family” — that show’s even worse and consistently so. (Even the name bothers me — “The Proud Family”. Not that a family of any background can’t be proud, but it’s so clearly a reference to “black” pride that it’s sickening. Will kids pick up on that? I wonder.)

    And yeah, I’ve heard that argument regarding the SATs before, and it does sound pretty stupid. One more expanded version of it addresses a cultural disjunct, alleging that “black” children don’t focus on learning “proper” English like other children, such that to test them on it is almost like testing them on a similar yet nevertheless foreign language. And while that does highlight an interesting point regarding certain cultural assumptions that standardized tests take into account, given that English and not Ebonics is the nation’s official language there’s not a whole lot to be done about it.

    Another argument to that effect is less a racial/cultural one and deals more with class, noting that students whose families can afford to take SAT prep classes generally score better than those who can’t afford this additional training. That’s true, but given that there is no necessary correlation between skin color and poverty, the proponents of this argument would do better to concentrate on socioeconomic status — i.e. this test is unfair to children from lower-income homes — instead of “race”.

    Naomi: I have wondered why February was chosen. To answer the question, a Google search yields the answer that the celebration originally began as a week — the second week of February — which was chosen because both Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln were born during it. So I guess that makes sense.

    Tetsu: Same difference. 😉

  • muse says:

    “when you start telling such unassuming children that it is not only acceptable but good to think in terms of “our” people and, by extension, “their” people, you are encouraging them to categorize people — and those people’s connection to themselves — with respect to the color of their skin.”

    So true! I’ve always been ambivalent about the various “such and such” “day/week/month” myself, it sounds rather condescending… (even women’s day, today…) But I don’t know, on the other hand, perhaps it can be viewed as a chance to get to know a different culture/group better (or at least different individuals), to open ourselves to another viewpoint, or a good chance to bring certain issues up since the media focus is on whatever is being celebrated that day/week/month.

    Regardless, I feel very uncomfortable with the whole “my people” thing. It creates an unfortunate Us/Them dichotomy.

    Hmmm, on a somewhat related note, you might be interested in reading about Martin Buber’s “I and Thou” (a description here: http://www.kcmetro.cc.mo.us/lo...../buber.htm) which delves into the different degrees of perception/relationships that we have about/with others. Somehow this post made me think of it. 🙂

  • That was a very interesting blog to read and it made me very mad. Black and white people are very different but you know that theres always someone in the world that is racist, so why can’t you just admit it. You are so mean..That’s So Raven is a great show, you’re just pointing out all the bad things and them some. I don’t think that it is important what you think or me either but still, it is a funny show and they are just having fun. And you are the racist one if u are too god darn dumb too notice it. no word could describe you….I HATE YOU!! How dare you……its for kids not for mean. racist, jealous, unfunny person like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wes says:

    First of all, Nicole, thanks for commenting. You’ve made several points here to which I’d like to respond, so I’m going to address them by quoting your text in italics and then typing my responses below. While it’s clear that we disagree quite a bit on these issues — apparently even regarding the definition of the term “racist” — I’m glad that you found the article to be interesting and that its content was able provoke an emotional response.

    Black and white people are very different but you know that theres always someone in the world that is racist, so why can?t you just admit it.

    Haven’t I? The entire article is about the racist values propounded by the show — and perhaps, by extension, the writers, actors and everyone else who didn’t speak up and say, “What the hell are we doing?!” during this episode’s production. Then again, I would also argue that the comment “black and white people are very different” smacks of racism, given that it implies that people’s skin color somehow renders them significantly unlike each other. Of course, people’s respective cultures may render them different (but very different? That’s debatable), but there is no necessary connection between skin color and culture — so I submit that to assume this relationship is tantamount to stereotyping at best and racism at worst. But apparently you’re getting at something very different.

    That?s So Raven is a great show, you?re just pointing out all the bad things and them some.

    While I certainly disagree with the assessment that “That’s So Raven” is a great show, I did state that the majority of the episodes I’ve seen have been harmless and, though deeply stupid, somewhat endearing. That said, this article did — by design — focus on one particularly awful episode.

    I don?t think that it is important what you think or me either but still, it is a funny show and they are just having fun.

    You may not think that my views (or even your own, apparently) are important, but you know what was important? The subject matter of this episode — and to milk those issues for stupid laughs and “fun” while at the same time promoting a damaging ideology is pretty damned reprehensible in my book.

    And you are the racist one if u are too god darn dumb too notice it.

    So pointing out the harmful underlying messages of a show aimed at children and intended to be “fun” is what constitutes racism? Um, okay…

    no word could describe you?.I HATE YOU!! How dare you??its for kids not for mean. racist, jealous, unfunny person like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That this episode is meant for kids — and apparently kids who lack the ability to recognize the utter stupidity of the events unfolding onscreen — is precisely why this episode was so problematic (in addition to all of the harmful content, of course).

    Finally, you’re probably right that no word can adequately describe me — but that didn’t stop you from trying, did it? 😉 Again, thanks for commenting!

  • Andi says:


    (I am feeling better, thanks for the well wishes.)

    I am an oldskool fan of Disney (Ducktales, Goof Troop, Little Mermaid, Gargoyles, Aladdin, ZORRO! …you name it, I have it either on tape or DVD) because it was GOOD. And plus I liked going to Disney World knowing that this stuff was avaiable there.

    But now? Yeah, I TOTALLY agree with you on this review. Did you know that Raven is a singer? Yeah, and she really sucks, don’t listen to it ’cause you will seriously shat out your brain.

    Anyway, Raven is the most ridiclious piece of tripe that Disney had to afford. I say that Disney has just been milking the “teen drama” shows. What does THAT have to do with Disney?! Really… I feel as if someday there will be no Disney, just stupid fantasy storylines about teens who think they saved the world with superpowers they shouldn’t even have.

    Anyway, just saying that I agree with you and I am really sorry you needed to watch this very god-awful show.


  • Leigh says:

    I admire your efforts and the essay was wonderful but I have to interject some thoughts in. I beleive that alot of Raven’s outlandish schemes are borderline offensive to just the general public…BUT they are meant to be a satire. Just the fact that Raven happens to be black makes it seem worse than it is. I beleive whole heartedly that Raven is trying to expand the views on race by being a african american “Lucille Ball” if you remember Lucy too was just as trivial.

    I also beleive that Raven herself and other cast members would not be outwardly racist on the show, not just for themselves but for their fans. The show is meant to be for kids of a certain age, and with age comes speculation on what certain things mean. On one hand Raven can be seen as a outwardly racist dipliction of african americans. But if it is taken lightly (like it is meant) then it can be seen as a comedy for kids….so over the top that it is hillarious for kids.

    Especially since the only really dumb character on the show is a white girl, Chelsea, Raven addresses issues and deals/resolves problems in every show. It is a “Saved by the Bell” formed satire show, and thus was meant to be. I have a hard time believing a girl that grew up with Bill Cosby could function on a show if the conditions were racist.

    I recently attended a conference at IU in Indiana where the legend James Earl Jones spoke. He had some surprising comments on race that I have since remembered. He stated after a question, “Mr. Jones…as an black man what should I do about race relations?” James replied, “Stop talking about it, we spend so much time talking about race and differences, if whe stopped talking about it maybe, just maybe it wouldnt be an issue, on either side. Just stop talking about it (the differences)…I think of myself as a MAN not a Black man”

    While some comments by Mr. Jones can be seen poorly by some, he does have a point. If we as people stopped noticing the differences and stopped debating over them, white or black, then maybe we could all move on together.

  • Wes says:

    Andi: I dunno — she’s not a terrific singer, but the “That’s So Raven” theme is kinda catchy. 😉

    Leigh: First, thanks for the lengthy comment. I think you may have misunderstood me on a few key points, though (or maybe you were just commenting on these subjects in general).

    I beleive that alot of Raven?s outlandish schemes are borderline offensive to just the general public?BUT they are meant to be a satire. Just the fact that Raven happens to be black makes it seem worse than it is. … On one hand Raven can be seen as a outwardly racist dipliction of african americans.

    Well, I did note that my primary problem was with this episode. The show is entirely idiotic, but I don’t think that the color of Raven’s skin — or anyone else’s — presented a point of contention on the show until they made it one with this episode. Nor do I think it has all that much bearing on any of the other episodes that I’ve seen. Raven and Chelsea’s characters are morons, but I don’t think that there’s any pressing danger that kids will view them as racial exemplars. This episode does, however, cause me to question the mindset of everyone else involved with respect to these issues, because I honestly don’t think that anyone could’ve thought that making this show was a good idea unless he/she possessed some fundamentally racist beliefs.

    I have a hard time believing a girl that grew up with Bill Cosby could function on a show if the conditions were racist.

    I don’t, but I am employing a much more comprehensive definition of the term. I allege that the very notion of a Black History Month — that it is acceptable to pigeonhole the accomplishments of various persons into one month (or study unit) based solely on the color of their skin — is fundamentally racist. I allege that to view people as being racialized entities such that it makes sense to refer to them as “our people” and “their people” with respect to the color of their skin (as opposed to more substantial relationships) is fundamentally racist. Even in the absence of the damaging content of networks like BET, I think the very existence of such networks is fundamentally racist. Because I think that to look at individuals and assume the existence of certain, specific “differences” simply because of the color of their skin is fundamentally racist.

    So while I certainly think that James Earl Jones’s assertion that he does not define himself with respect to the color of his skin is admirable and appropriate, I disagree with his proposed plan of action. Simply put, while I agree that not talking about these so-called differences would ideally work — especially because these differences do not necessarily exist (there may be cultural differences, but there is no necessary correlation between culture and “race”) — but the unfortunate fact of the matter is that the far more vocal constituent of our society is going to keep making these assumptions and regarding them as being factual. And for there to be any progress, the mindset of these people — whom I regard as being fundamentally racist, like the content of this particular episode of “That’s So Raven” — must be defeated in public fora through the presentation of opposing arguments. So I am essentially calling for the creation of an anti-racist movement to counter and oppose these harmful ideologies wherever they occur.

    This extends to episodes of “That’s So Raven”. 😉

  • i hate you says:

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  • Marcus says:

    lemme start by saying “thats so Raven” is a wicked show
    Before I get this under way I’l let you know i’m mixed, my mother is black and my father is white. With that being said I think this article is foolish and u should recant ur words. Now I agree with some things. Black people do not need a whole month dedicated to their achievements, but your forgetting why it wa smade in the first place. It came at a time when African Americans were first being accepted as equals to whites. At the time it may have been neccesary to show other colors what they have achieved. Now its just a tradition. If everyone stopped going to church i guarantee people would still celebrate christmas. It’s similar to the question is it really neccesary to have gay pride parades? I say no but there are hundreds of other people who would say yes. Your opinion is your own of course but its very one sided and closed minded. In regards to Raven there are tons of lessons learned from the show aside from stick with your friends. There is the love for your family, that dreams can come true, that hard work pays off, and other things. On top of it, yes there are ppl in the show that are “retarded” as u would say but the show is meant to be a comedy and gear at children/teens where being foolish like that will get u a laugh. I have watched the show since it started and yet to have a complaint about it. I think you are obviously looking for a reason to complain… its time to (and since u seem to know about Cordy u should know this line) get over what ever childhood trauma u had and move on. There is a Black history months… deal with it. Shows will make stupid cracks like that all the time. you wanna talk about racist? how about living with seinfeld in New York and not seeing any black people NEW YORK?! How about u bash that and leave the comedy stylings of Raven alone.
    Raven ROCKS!

  • no name says:

    so what you just leave raven and cast alone just because of one dodgy episode doesnt mean that you have to call them for it. and anneliese van der pol i am your biggest fan.

  • kaylie gilhespy says:

    ok thats it i was no name and i love thats so raven chelsea is my fave just leave them alone they can do what they want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  • kaylie gilhespy says:

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  • Glenn says:

    um who the hell would make somthing like this? its like say lets examine the moral ambiguity of barney hello its barney, its this kind of thinking that went into trying to have that one show the telly tubbies banned becuase one was purple and they thought he was sending a message about being gay to children. people who think like this need to be shot and get a life, what the hell this is bullshit, a big pile of bullshit how old are you like 40 these tv shows where not made for you oh what are you going to talk about next the racist rhetoric of tickle you and all of its nuances to justify a rascist centered culture, your a dumbass go fuck yourself loser.

  • none says:

    if u hate tha show so much then dont watch it…..wat an idiot whoever rote thiz shyt….thats so raven is awsum an ur jus jealous….. and sounds like ur tha racist here…… u shood switch to watchin star wars or sum shyt like that cuz i dont think raven wants losers watchin her show n e way…..

  • Liz says:

    You’re…retarded. Who spends time recording episodes of tv shows to write reviews that no one cares about? We all have our own opinions and I could write a review that would focus on the good of the show, but that wouldn’t change your mind about it. Your review was a waste of time and I suggest you get a life unless you plan on being a telivision reviewer for the rest of your life, in which case, you’re doing a great job at it.

  • Wes says:

    I think what I find most interesting about the relativistic attitudes evinced by a lot of these comments — the notion that “we all have our own opinions” and the implication that, therefore, voicing my own is somehow invalid — is that they apply to the commenters’ criticisms of me as well. In a world where people believe that all viewpoints are equal, to assert that any of them are worthless is to assert that all of them are worthless.

    So to the people who view this article — and, by extension, the content of Scary-Crayon on the whole — as being a waste of time and suggest that I get a life, I ask: why are you wasting your time reading and commenting? Take your own advice and find something more worthwhile to do. For instance, you might try taking an English course or two at the local community college in order to improve your grammar and spelling abilities.

    On that note, Liz, thanks for spelling out the word “you” and (for the most part) using correct spelling and grammar in your response. And I wouldn’t mind being a professional television reviewer and critic, so I suppose I should thank you for the compliment as well!

  • Liz says:

    Of course. I did just graduate top 10% in my class, and I’m careful about stuff like that, but things do slip me from time to time. Anyway, your opinion is valid, I just don’t agree with it, and clearly some others don’t either. There’s no use arguing about it, but it may rub some people the wrong way because they love the show. I love it. It’s fun to watch when nothing else is on, and it’s great because most of the scenarios will never happen to any ordinary person. We all have our own tastes and it’s just pointless to go on, so I’ll say good-bye now.

  • Heaven says:

    UR JUST another hater…just leave the girl alone ….y u buggin her…its HER show…we as black people should be HONORED that we get a month to ourselves….GET A LIFE….I MEAN having a page of JUST CRITICISM of that’s so Raven????????????? thats sooooo SAD!!! GET A LIFE!!!

  • Krissie says:

    U R SEW GAY. I LUV THAT’S SO RAVEN AND IF U DONT LIKE HER THEN UR JUST A H8TR. Hahaha, just kidding. I’m really bored at work so I thought it’d be funny for you to think you have MORE hate mail about this article, even though you wrote it like 4 months ago. That show is pretty crappy, and I think if I liked her and read your article today I’d let it go since you know, it’s like, so old and stuff. I think your next victim should be Paris Hilton…review her new music video, PLEASE. I want to see how many people get mad at that. I also bought The Simple Life 3 on DVD if you want to watch it, teehee. Oh, and if you’re such a loser for writing this article, aren’t all the people who sent you hate mail losers too, you know, since they feel the need to respond to your so-called stupidity? Just a thought. You can find the Paris video at http://www.parishilton.com. You’ll love it, it’s hot.

  • Aubrey says:


  • Shadow says:

    Well for the most part the show is basicly for young children. Point. It is what it is you cannot complaine due to the disney channels creativity. Further more this stuff sells just look at the merchindise Thats So Raven Videos, Books,Games etc. Next look and ask yourself, ” Do I honestly beleive that I can try and get rid of this Junk?” NO! No disrespect or anything, however they did not get all of the facts such as when Eddie perfers to Hey Mr. B think you got anymore “Soul Food” Do I beleive they used it negativily. NO but thats no reason for me to go and a well wriiten report such as yours and just go and put them on blast. The part when Clowie Says, “I dont hire black people” was just an example of how much racisim goes on in the world Today. Beleive in what you wish but I know the truth. Look same rules apply to me before you go sharing your side of opinions think, and I say THINK do I have the full given story that backs up my opinion.


  • white men in destress says:

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  • Shaunte says:

    This was an interesting post. History was written by the winners as we all know. Good example, we never hear the German version of WWII, it’s always the American (or other members of the Allied Powers) version of the story which deemed Hitler as evil. I’m not saying that I’m a Nazi or a Skinhead or a fan of Hitler, because I’m not. Just stating a point. That being said, the story of white and black wasn’t written by black people, and that’s why black history is what it is today. I’m upset that’s it’s only during February (not even a full month) that black history is celebrated, because black accomplishments should be celebrated 365 days a year just like accomplishments of other races/colors.
    I have not seen the episode that the blog is speaking of, but i do commend the writers for trying to tackle some hard hitting issues such as race/color discrimination, because even in 2006…it still happens. so they went about it in a juvenile way? so what? it’s a juvenile show, so don’t expect it to be like the The Cosby Show.
    the accomplishments of blacks need to be celebrated and appreciated all the time because there was a time when the accomplishments were never celebrated or even recognized, and this was a little as 40 years ago. If America was a such a great and advanced country in terms of racial/color discrimination, then black history month would be just another month where everyone is learned about not simply just blacks. and blacks would be learned about all year round, but as we see, that’s not happening. oh yeah, and stop looking at the black kids when the issues of slavery come up in class…we never experienced it. and lastly, (especially in college) stop expecting the black kids to speak on behalf of the entire race, we aren’t 12.8% of the population, simply one person.
    the blog was insightful, i don’t necessarily agree with it, and lastly it shows that racism still exists to some degree, because you can find it in almost anything if you search hard enough.

  • Wes says:

    Thanks for the lengthy comment, Shaunte. Even though we appear to have reached different conclusions, I’m in agreement with you on a number of points. Frex, you write:

    If America was a such a great and advanced country in terms of racial/color discrimination, then black history month would be just another month where everyone is learned about not simply just blacks. and blacks would be learned about all year round, but as we see, that’s not happening.

    I very much agree with that statement — but I worry that with the way people champion Black History Month and never question its ultimate effectiveness, the nation will never see the day when the accomplishments of “people of color” can be recognized without a prevailing emphasis on the color of their skin.

    oh yeah, and stop looking at the black kids when the issues of slavery come up in class…we never experienced it. and lastly, (especially in college) stop expecting the black kids to speak on behalf of the entire race, we aren’t 12.8% of the population, simply one person.

    I also very much agree with that statement — but again, I worry that by grouping people with respect to the color of their skin and by insisting that “black achievements” be recognized (as opposed to the achievements of all individuals, regardless of their skin color), we encourage people to view all “black” people as representatives of a homogenous group in which all of the members share the same beliefs, values, interests, and so forth. So when you write, “black accomplishments should be celebrated 365 days a year just like accomplishments of other races/colors,” I agree with your point, but I think your wording of it is problematic.

    Yes, racism still exists, but reinforcing an “us/them” dichotomy even in so-called progressive and positive measures is hardly going to bring about the end of racism. At any rate, I’m not exactly sure that we disagree regarding the main thrust of the article, given that many of your points at least seem to lead to the conclusion that a more progressive America would not have a BHM, per se, and that its apparent purpose would ultimately be better served by attempting to desegregate the accomplishments of individuals.

    Where I chiefly disagree with you, however, concerns your approval of the manner in which the show treated the issue. Yes, it’s a juvenile show, but I am convinced that insofar as a juvenile show cannot even begin to do justice to a more complicated issue, it should avoid discussion of the matter entirely. This isn’t to say, however, that a so-called juvenile show is incapable of effectively addressing this particular issue. “That’s So Raven”‘s exploration of racism was dismal in a number of ways, but I have seen other children’s shows that handled the subject beautifully and seamlessly. “Teen Titans” has devoted episodes to exploring the issue — and the issue of “difference” in general — on at least three separate occasions, and on none of them did it claim that Cyborg should receive preferential treatment because he is half robot or subtly imply that Starfire should regard herself as being fundamentally different from her comrades as a result of her Tamaranian heritage. TT was a superior show across the board, but still. 🙂

    Thanks again for commenting, Shaunte!

  • Koopa says:

    Sup. I’ve been reading your site for about six-seven months now, and I like your articles. Keep it up.

    Anyways, the entire precept of “blackness” in an ethnic sense is flawed, because race is an illusion. Did you ever watch the PBS documentaries on how little ethnicity actually counts for? Nothing more than a set of physical traits we associate with something. If I have straight jet-black hair, slanted eyes, and golden skin, people will tell me I’m Asian. If I have curly hair and dark brown skin, people will tell me I’m African. If I have blue irises and strawberry-blonde hair, people will tell me I’m white. That’s why some people have such issue with racially mixed people – I myself am of various Asian descent, as well as being part aboriginal filipino, and I get questioning looks all the time.

    Race is meaningless, and anything based herefore on it goes double. I feel differently for affirmative action, however, as I support it to a degree. I don’t feel that to be hypocrisy, however, as the reason I back is not because I feel that people of color require ”help” to succeed, but rather, because of how people will treat them, for something as meaningless as groupings of physical traits. It’s a bit hard to express this without going into extreme detail, so I’ll refrain unless you request it.

    On a side note, I also shook my head several times as I read the comments for the articles. Some ideas in particular included how the individual claimed it was only a “kid show”. I think it being a kid show, makes it far more dangerous than if it was something else. Racism in That’s so Raven/The Proud Family/etc is infinitely more frightening than full-on, virulently bigotted associations such as RESIST or Stormfront White Nationalist Community because these have little sway, outside of for the most part inneffective medium – the Internet. A million disgusting threats and claims from them won’t equal the damage done by a single episode of these shows, because That’s so Raven and co. are accepted by the people, and so many impressionable young children watch it and are influenced everyday. This is why, time should be spent to change these shows.

    – Koopa

  • Jess says:

    I have seriously been wondering about That’s so Raven and what the show’s real purpose was. I have noticed in various episodes, that Chelsea, Raven’s best friend, just keeps getting dumber and dumber with each one. I use to watch the show, but I quit watching it only because i’ve noticed how they were portraying half the white people.

    Incase you guys have not notice, (which i assume you have in your posts but i’m to lazy to read them all) in pretty much every episode of thats so raven they have the whtie folk portrayed as Dumb. You have the Ben Sturky, the kid who smells, you have the kid who constantly has a cold, and then of course you have chelsea, and the principle that spits every time he talks. Then you look over at the black people, and they have all the guys being smooth and easy going and just being normal. Now I understand that in the past, “THE WHITES” had treated the “BLACKS” horribly aka slavery. But of course That’s so Raven does not deal with the conflicts that occured back then.

    Where I’m going with this, is that its wrong wtih how only the whtie people are being the stupidest characters on that show and then you have raven and her family. As much as I like Raven and her singing and everything, the show is just full of prejudice and racism. Probably not racism but well its my thoughts because you don’t see any of the other black people on the show as being completely stupid like chelsea. I use to love thats so raven but the dumber chelsea got and everyone else, I stopped watching it.

  • Jess says:

    wow i need to learn to proof read my spelling before commenting on such a intellectual blog. XD Sorry for the countless errors i made in my post.

  • Tiffany says:

    I do agree that episode was rascist. And now that I think about it they do make their white characters alittle stupid… its sounds racist alll aroung. I just neve noticed before.

  • Tiffany says:

    I do agree that episode was rascist. And now that I think about it they do make their white characters alittle stupid… its sounds racist all around. I just never noticed before.

    Haha fixed it lol

  • Reeece says:


    The only reason we are on your site is becuase you put it on google! And we wanted to see what sad pathetic, sarcastic, distressed and sad 40 year old man would post such a post. I cannot believe you take things so seriously! all the people that disagree with you in their comments are right! No thats so raven is not racsicst its got a white actor for starters and two there is no way it is racist. Your pretty racist yourself because in the post you said you disagree with the fact that Black people should be remembered or something. If you werent racist you wouldn t care and why post it on google were everyone can see. You only want to make black people look bad! I really am going to report this site to someone because some of the content is offensive! ILL START A CAMPAIGN WHO WANTS TO JOIN!

  • Reeece says:

    Oh maybe thats why it got cancelled as well i think!

  • khadiya says:

    Its a kid show like you said. I just happen to roll across this site and i read the stuff you wrote and i was like “What?!” You are you slamming Raven? You act like she wrote the script. She can’t just say “i dont want to do that one” she is under contract. That show showed kids and young adults who watch the show that racsism still exsists. You seem like a very educated person, and you may have seen a few shows, but I watch alot with my kids, and if your not constantly trying to find things wrong with the show, You would know that its half education half entertainment.

    sorry about my spelling, HAVE A NICE DAY.

  • Tanya says:

    there is nothing racist about this episode. kids of all ages watch that’s so raven (including me, 16yrs old). I have a lot of my friends who watch it to and we understand what it is about. most little kids in diverse school settings know the difference between different races. black history should be celebrated year round and not just in one month. how about we talk about a lot shows where white people dominate and minorities don’t even play a role in it. if they do feature a minority he/she has a small role and is more likely to killed at the end. At least Chelsea is one of the main characters. i love that’s so raven and will never stop. you are just bored with your life and have nothing to do but find something to complain about. if you have a problem with that’s so raven than DON”T WATCH IT!!!!!

  • Angel says:

    Are you fucking crazy, I love that’s so Raven, that’s the problem with society today, everyone is looking for a deeper meaning in everything, why can’t a show just be for entertainment. After 4 centuries of slavery, I think that a month of devotion to African Americans is more than acceptable. It seems to me that you are more of an ignorant African American if anything, because if you did have any sort of since, you just wouldn’t scrutinize African Americans for having a month of devotion, when March is Women’s history month, in addition, they have Hispanic heritage month, Indian appreciation month, and Saint Patrick’s day is a celebration of Irish tradition and rituals. You really need to do your research before you start making uncreditable websites.

  • Ja'Nice says:

    That’s so raven is for people of all ages and colors. They are all attracted to the fact that, even though some stuff they show are stupid, the characters deal with things that everyday people go through. Racism is something people go through. That’s what makes the show a favorite among everyone. They are not racist. They dont make the “white characters” stupider than the others. If anything they are all stupid in their on way. They are trying to get people of ALL AGES to watch the show. Children now days won’t watch a show unless it is extremly funny. The things they have people do are EXTREMLY FUNNY. So that’s that. Sayin “US” to me is not racist. He is an African American. He is just relating to his race. Saying “YOU PEOPLE” or “THOSE PEOPLE” is racist.
    Black History month is a crazy idea, i will say that, but it is a start. I believe that black history should not be studied “only for a month”. It should be studied everyday along with all the other history facts.
    That’s so raven is a show. Therefor they have to show stuff like that in order for people to relate to it. Noone complains when NO MINORITIES are included in other shows. So why complain about one or two episodes that deal with racism. atleast they talk about it and not just try to hide it and act like it doesn’t happen. Racism does happen and if we dont stand up and talk about it now, when will we ever talk about it? It could become alot worst if we just hide it in the closet.
    Of course you have your on opinion and I have mine. Just remember. You should not block out other peoples opinion. Be open minded.


  • Anonymous says:

    raven used to be skinny but now she has ALOT OF JUNCK IN THE TRUNK IF YOU ASK ME. its not healthy.

  • Anonymous says:

    Thats so fatass its the future she can eat.Thats so unhaelthy she looks like a pok-a-lord to me. she so big if she could see the future it would be through her ass when shes in the room HELP I CANT BREATH. yo home nigga she be eat she likes her fat more than me. she sees the future through diabetic sezures what she sees she can eat yo home nigga she can eat she does it so well she purayed me. she be getting up in you grill and foood and she enda up misbehaving cause thats so fatty its the nastiest thing to-oo me yo home nigga I CA-NT BREATH OOH-OH-OOOH

    song by peepeefingers

  • Anonymous says:

    you know raven used to be so skinny and cute on the cosby show then after age 14 she started eating more porking out if you will. Morgan vish to ve a dino air mivvle nama

  • Sweet Skittlez says:

    OMF Okai, is that all u can do is stay up all night watching and dissing Disney Channel HAHAHAHA Bud U Can rot in hell, because i grew up on Disney and even kno im 18 i still enjoy That’s So Raven, Hannah Montana, The Suite Life and Sister Sister as well as Kim Possible. U Need to get up off your ass, and get a life pplz like u make me S I C K

  • Darlene says:

    Just to let you know, I am an African American, and I don’t apprecitate you talking about a fellow African American in that manner. The That’s So Raven show is a show that teaches pre-teens lessons and it is also for entertainment purposes. The episode that talked about Black History Month was an episode showing children that whether they knew it or not, a lot of Blacks did important things throughout history. It is very obvious that the show wasn’t ment to be taken literally, I am 13 years old, and when I say, my people, people know that I am talking about African Americans. Just like when Caucasions say: their people, we atuomatically know that they are talking about the white people. All the episode was trying to do was celebrate Black History Month. Like I said before, I am 13 years old, and guess what?- I am the biggest Raven Symone and That’s So Raven fan. Another point that I would like to make is that not all black people talk with ebonics. I am in the eigth grade, I have the highest grade point average in my QUEST (gifted) class, and I do not talk like how most of the black people in my school talk. When I’m around my friends, I might talk differently, but I know what’s right and what’s wrong. Belive me I can talk in ebonics, try to sound this out: blead dat yo i cud tak in ebonikz tri 2 sound dat aut.- TOTALLY DIFFERENT!! The point that I am trying to make is that not all black people are the same, and on the show do you see Raven talking in ebonics? No. She’s black , isn’t she? Yes. So what’s the big deal about her trying to express her heritage in one of her episodes? If you want to know what is really being racist, how about the fact that African Americans only have ONE MONTH to celebrate, THEIR PEOPLE, while every other month it’s about the same white person you see in your History book.
    Now is that fair..
    Instead of constantly criticizing a highly acheived African American, try congradulating them- cuz how many blacks do u c mak sumthang of demselfs? (that was ebonics- isn’t that how people sterotype US??)

  • Darlene says:

    This is Darlene again, I totally agree with khadiya!!!

  • Barbie says:

    ya i totally agree with that stupid racism thing.. it pisses me off that people think that they deserve something just because of the color of their skin.. but its disney channel and only little kids watch it so the shows have to be kind of retarded.

  • Barbie says:

    oh && i forgot to say that all these people who are telling you that they hate you are stupid. they’re trying to act tough with their keyboards and stuff.. maybe they think their all capital letters are going to scare you or something. but idk it just pisses me off that black people think that we owe them something just because they were slaves a LONG FUCKING time ago.. maybe we should demand something from them for giving us.. IDK.. AIDS.

  • nikki says:

    umm… 2 b honest i dnt think raven or her show iz racist … i think the thingz in that black history episode waz pretty true… cuz i sure did go out 4 a job and a white man didnt hire me because of my skin color… i think ur just a hater and sum dumb ass that has nutin else 2 do but be a computer geek… r u even black home boi … if ur not black and ur white or sumthin, u should my figure out UR racist not raven…. if u are black u should b ashamed 2 be puttin down other blacks they way black ppl have it hard in a socity build by white ppl……

    bye cracker or if ur black wana b cracker
    the portugese / jamaica ghurl NIKKI

  • Wes says:

    Okay. Since I apparently wasn’t clear enough in the article itself — and since I have done a new comic that addresses the same general subject matter — I have attempted to elucidate and clarify my thoughts regarding Black History Month, in more detail, in this post. So please, if you find yourself tempted to post a moronic comment, read it first before contributing to this thread. Not that you would necessarily know that the content of your intended comment is moronic, of course — if you did know, why would you post it? — but there is really no excuse for the ridiculous degree of stupidity that is conveyed in the comment from “Nikki” above.


  • The Scary-Crayon guy has always been one of the smartest guys out there. And your talk about That’s so Raven just proves that you SHOULD have the ability to control television and movies. Maybe then, That So Raven would die, TMNT would live and the X-Men movies wouldn’t suck.

    Long Live Scary-Crayon.
    To hell with That’s So Racist and their racist ways.

  • Aa says:

    Although. there were some good points placed about the stupidity of the show. I found it racisist that the show in regard to black history month was choosen. I do not feel the show was tellling kids to be more aware of skin color but to be more accepting of others and not to judge on the color of a persons akin. Maybe if you were actually out working a 9-5 job instead of questioning a show meant for kids you would have less time on your hand and it would become more obvious to you the struggles encountered by others. i have to agree black history month should not be once a year and certainly if given not the shortest month of the year. However if society was more willing to add African- American history into text books in classes then maybe you wouldn’t have to find one month a year to donate to an ethnic group. further more, it is also up for debate rather or not Christopher Columbus actually discovered the New world since it was already populated when he got there. KInda hard to discover a place already populated. So much for the peanut argument. So before you go judging a show clearly for the content of one show and how it was protrayed think about your wording: ” these people and those people” maybe if your people were a little less focused on color and more focused on teaching the next generation that racism should not be tolerated in any form, then maybe disney would not be introducing it’s first black princess in 2007 from NEW ORLEANS, and who happens to know voo-do. Now I think THAT’S SO RACIST considering all of the prior princesses have come from never never land and far far away and had fairy godmothers and a prince rushing to save them. Oh by the way any character of a kids t.v. show arrested for DUI can not be sexy. Is that telling kids its okay to be a drunk. In the words of Raven ” OH SNAP”

  • Aa says:

    In further commment to the posting by Barbie then maybe black people should be mad about the tuskgee exp. and which they were given syphillis and by the way if blacks are resposibile for whites having aids and it is most commonly transmitted sexually. Then that just proves once again you wanted something they had. SO SAD. maybe you owe your self areality check did you ever look at how crack was introduced hint it wasn’t a problem until wall street and a white reporter was killed for uncovering the truth about the CIA.

  • juluoi says:

    u r some kind of ididot the show is not racist u dumb ass and black histprty month is fucking important thise comin from a white guy like me u idiot

  • Your Mom says:

    What the fuck? That show is not racist.
    Why would you watch it if you hate it that much? Get a life. (:

  • Stuart says:

    I originally found your site by typing in “racist raven” into yahoo. This was due to the constant portrayal of white people as stupid on “Raven” and now also “Corey in the house”.

    I became aware of this a few weeks ago when I noticed how Chelsea was so overly dumb. Then I noticed how all the normal people were black and all the stupid, nasty or unlikable people were white.

    A few days later I noticed the same thing with Corey in the house. This time even the American President was dumbed up……. O.K we may have to give up on that argument.

    The questions still remains in the back of mind though.

    1/ How can they get away with this type of casting on a prime time t.v show especially one that is made for kids?
    2/ Don’t the white actors portraying these parts realise the makers are laughing at them not with them?
    3/ Have the makers been directly questioned about their programmes and if so how on earth have they defended it?

  • Stuart says:

    In addition to my last comment I would like to add…..

    I am English. In the past (20 or 30 years ago) programmes have been aired in this country that are now deemed to be unshowable. This is because of what is considered to be racist content. Programmes like “the black and white minstrel show”.

    It was before my time, but from what I understand white men blacked their faces and whitened there large lips then sang and danced.

    How would black people feel if this show made a come back. Or to be more fair an opposite of Raven was made. I am sure a programme starring a white family and stupid black friends wouldn’t last long.

    Alternatively lets have a month put aside for all children across America to only be allowed to learn about white people in history.

  • Don Alejandro says:

    Late, but :

    Nice post, Wes. I agree, and think that in any case we shouldn’t dumb things down for kids anyway. I hope, anyway, that’s what ‘That’s So Raven’ does. I have 4 younger siblings who are hooked on the Disney channel trash lineup, and now there’re only two channels : Nickelodeon and Disney (To them, anyway) .

    As for a lot of the comments here: wow. I didn’t know that Raven attracted such a large fanbase on the internet, or people who could operate the internet and find S-C. I wonder though, if they keep telling people ‘STOP WATCHING THIS SHOW IF U HATE IT FDURRR”, why did you fellows keep reading the blog? And respond to it? Was it to impart that bit of wisdom? In any case, I think it’s perfectly acceptable to question things, and we should. It’s how we keep our brains working.

  • Stuart says:

    I have e-mailed the disney channel and told them how i feel about their shows. Not surprisingly I have had no response from them as yet! I did finish the e-mail by telling them of my intentions, which were to repeat my feelings to all the companies showing ads during Raven and Corey to sell their products. I also told them that I would be avoiding their products while they carried on supporting these shows. Perhaps that is the best way to get this issue in the open. If everyone followed suit the makers of these shows and the networks would have to pay attention.

  • Isha says:

    I think that u are definitely reading too much into it. I’m just glad i can see someone who looks like me on the Disney channel. I also think that Ebonics and soul food does not represent Blacks. I’m West Indian and I don’t eat soul food nor is it part of my culture. Does that make me less Black? Also in the episode where she didn’t get the job because she was Black, they did show that she and Chelsea were given a series of tests and she did better between the two, et Chelsea got the job.

  • Tayli says:

    Ok you made a stupid point about that episode on That’s So Raven. That show is not racist. They are showing a serious matter that is really happening to minorities. You don’t have to get so offended but if you do oh well. Wow one episode she tries to show people what usually happens to certain races and its racist, that don’t make any sense. It don’t have to be about one race. So chill, you so anxious to expose someone of being ignorrant and that’s ok but know what you’re talking about.

  • tayli says:

    Oh and to Barbie how ignorrant can you get. Im black and im not saying he shouldn’t speak his mind because this is a free country and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. And you don’t see me getting all big on the computer because im not no computer gangsta. If I was to ever see u i’ll F u up. So by you saying that is just disrespecting me and my culture. So watch what you say because I could easily say a whole lot but I have respect for people of all kind. Hey Wes, keep doing what you do best if that’s what you do best.

  • Stuart says:

    isha, you have just highlighted the issue I have with the programme. They did show Raven doing better on the tests. But that is because Chelsea and all the other non minority group characters are portrayed as stupid, ignorant or just plain nasty!

  • Kiiaundra says:

    Raven is not rascist I think that they just made a episolde like that because it was black history month. To me this is harmless. In school all we talk about is what the whites did for our country. Black only get a month to appreciate there culture and they have the shortest month of the year.

  • JD says:

    I glad someone is against Raven that show lynch myself even though comitting sucide is wrong but my God cancel that damn show already

  • zombiegasm says:

    Even aside from this one particular episode; That’s so Raven is just a racist show in general. Not against black people, evidently, but against white people.
    Have you noticed that there are no “normal” white people in the show. They’re all either stupid (Chelsea), mean (The opposing clique that hates Raven and the squad.) Or just stunningly unrealistic.(The racist shop keeper)

    I /strongly/ agree with your “Childish” rant on black history month. We don’t need a month singling out black people for their accomplishments to show people that singling out black people is wrong. I mean what the hell?

  • Rea says:

    There is something wrong with the writer of this article. Saying that that’s so Raven is a racist television show has no credence. If you had perhaps taken a college Sociology course, you would have learned that discrimination and social injustice has been prevalent in the US since the beginning of the nation. Not only does Black History month allow African-Americans some time to think further about their ancestry, it allows enables the rest of America- if their minds are open- to think about some of African-Americans who have also paved the way for their lives today. You said that you do not believe in Black History Month because it is not necessary for an entire month to be dedicated to a race which has suffered social injustices for more than 200 years? Social injustices that are still being perpetuated today, in the new year of 2008? Come on, we ALL know that Black History Month would not be necessary, or at the very least a component of a celebrated month if actual Black history was taught in America’s public schools and most certainly its private establishments. Children are not taught this information because it is seems to not be necessary for a well-rounded education, but learning about the slavery of a race and not it’s advancements and growth after 200 years of servitude is okay. Black History Month is a cardinal and integral part of America because if there was no Black History month, the history of African-Americans, both bad and GOOD, would not be circulated and added to the primary and secondary school systems’ curricula.

    As for That’s So Raven! being a racist show is ridiculous. In that particular episode, the writers of the show were trying to illustrate to children some of the prejudices that occur in real life. Perhaps Raven dressing up in her costume was far-fetched, children notice outlandish things like this and will ask questions about it later. I also think that you are being critical, first saying you dislike the show, then saying at 315AM you decided to just catch the end of it before bed. If you already had a dislike for the show, why continue to add to its ratings? Most of your subject matter has many discrepancies with the actual intention of the show- to show how the other half lives. As for her unnecessary dressing up, your belief that eating soul food was unnecessary-although it is part of a CULTURE- and your idea that Chelsea was only there to be the “white friend” makes it sounds like you have prejudice in your bones. And who cares if That’s So Ravens! antics were and continue to be over the top, the show was made for children—yet perplexingly, it caught YOUR attention.

  • Wow, I can’t believe that people are still posting here.

  • Wes says:

    Rea: You write:

    You said that you do not believe in Black History Month because it is not necessary for an entire month to be dedicated to a race which has suffered social injustices for more than 200 years?

    My response? No. I did not say that at all. I did not say anything even remotely close to that. Several commenters have (are you responding to them?), but if you want to know what I said you should revisit the article and actually read it. And if that’s not sufficient to clarify my views for you, you should read this entry and the comic that goes with it. You may still disagree, but at least then you’ll be disagreeing with what I actually wrote and not with some distorted argument that you pulled out of nowhere because of some misguided belief that people who take issue with Black History Month must espouse the same views. I’m not saying that you necessarily feel that way, but it’s one of few explanations I can come up with for such a radical and plain wrong interpretation of everything that I’ve ever written on the subject.

    I didn’t write that the soul food thing was unnecessary either. Seriously, where are you getting this stuff? And yes, I was being critical. The article was essentially a critical evaluation of the episode (or at least part of it), and I exercised critical thinking to write it. Considering that your comment contains a hefty amount of criticism, you are also being critical. I don’t mind that at all. It is good to be critical.

    Except in your case I have no idea whose views you are criticizing, because they clearly aren’t mine. 🙁

    Tetsu: God, neither can I. It’s flipping ridiculous. And, given the nature of the overwhelming majority of the comments, kinda depressing.

    But perhaps I can draw upon it for this year’s attack. 😉

  • your mom says:

    FUCK u wes i HATE u u RACIST BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! get a life barbie im not racist but white people do owe us for all that slavery and making us look dumb on shows like ed edd n eddy, billy and mandy,zack and cody. thats so raven, corey in the house, proud family is getting back at whites for fucking us up on tv black history month is necessery if u look at history (again im not racist) whites fucked up every thing your article would have never exsisted if if all the blacks on the show were white and all the whites were black

  • Wow, people really are still posting here. It’s “Black” History Month, again. and hooray for the flooding of kids TV channels with this amazing education!

    The Noggin channel (basically nick jr. 24/7) is playing Little Bill more to honor BHM. Take a look at this little tidbit from the official Noggin site:

    “Little Bill’s “Thank You Dr. King” Coloring Book – Pay tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr. with this color and learn storybook.”

    Yes, pay tribute to a man who fought for the civil rights of everyone in this country, by coloring a fucking picture of him with crayons. Remember parents, remind your kids to use the brown crayons, because their imaginations can’t run wild on paper when it comes to black people! (Blue dogs are ok though.)

    Also, wow. I was the 8th person to comment here, but didn’t realize it until I got to the part about reading about Malcolm X in school.

    I’ve been reading Scary-Crayon for a long time

    That last person to post is pretty retarded. Wes isn’t white, fucknut

  • your mom says:

    i never said he was white idiot

  • Kierra says:

    I think that show actually had poin to reconize African Americans.I think Youre just stuck up and that show wuz during black history month.And i dont see white shows talkin talkin about black history so somebody had to and i thank her for that.So youre the one whos raciest

  • Kierra says:

    First of all youre the one who is raciest.And raven didnt even Go in the store because there wuz no sell she went because the manager wuz raciest and i think your just jelouse becuze of her accomplishment.

    And yes i am white

  • Kinber says:

    I actually think you are the racist one. You see my friend Raven went to the store to apply for a job and Chelsea did as well whiel Raven did every thing right and in order Chelsea did the oppisite. So even though Raven did very well while traning for teh job the White American manger hired Chelsea instead of Raven so raven realized what was going on. So don’t say that they made that episode to be racist because they didn’t! They specifically made that episode for Black History month. How is that racist? Then that other show were they showed nothing but African Americans was for Black History Month as well; theyy did not show that episode because they wanted to block out White Americans they did that to show famous African Americans that had made history back in the days when we had no damn freedom! But we still made sucess. they were trying to show children that African Americans took part in making the world a better place as well not just White Americans which is all children are being taught about in school. When children go to school they don’t hear about a full story of Martin Luther King, Jackie Robinson, Mayo Angelo, Harriet Tubman, or maybe Fredrick Douglass. But in school when the kids open there history books they see the biography about Ben Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, David Crokett, and James Madison and all the other ones. Sure they talk about African Americans in those three little paragraphs or that one chapter baisically talking about how we were known to be slaves, niggers, and thieves. They never talked about teh good things we do. So if a child’s history book can’t talk about the good side of African Americans then why can’t Raven or other African Americans alive today? Huh? Please tell me that. Why can’t you all just repsect the one month we are sometimes remebered by, but you can repsect the every day celebration you White Americans get? Please just tell me that.

  • Courtney says:

    Wow Those peopel that b doggin on That’s So Raven Do you guys have anything better to do? I Mean seriously the show was for KIDS!! Kids don’t know anything about the races and stuff they just watch it cuz it’s FUNNY! Duh. Plus Black history month is NOT stupid. Most of the time in school you learn about nothing but white people and how they did all these wonderful things in finding america and what not. Everday on TV a some white person is being congraduated on doin this amazing things in the army and when a black person is being congraduated it’s some racist act. Seriously get a life. Black history month comes every YEAR! Not Day and on that Show about the ‘racist ‘ women people are actually like that. And YOu say that show is racist how are you guys any different from that ONE episode. Ur not you’re complaining cuz they’re tellin the truth. And you know it

  • Courtney says:

    Wes u needa get real wit ur true color. Cuz rite now doggin on ur own race is lyk really stupid cuz ur practically saying you wish you, as a black, person wasn’t free. And that’s seriously messed up cuz with a mind lyk that, itz wrong. YOU can go and work everyday of your life being hung and worked lyk a dog and beat to death. Believe it or not people will always see you as a BLACK person. and they will end you becuz ur a black person, heck you could b a freakin oreo and they wouldn’t care they
    d still kill u. I’m not saying this to b ‘racists’ or anything but there are some white folks who still kill blacks just becuz they’re black.

    Just trynna make a point

  • Sam Hale says:

    For a while now I’ve been saying to everybody That’s so Racist, exactly like you have in your title. A friend directed me to your article, and it’s completely right.

    Notice how all the white people are idiots, and the black people are AWESOME COOL? I know part of it is for the teen trash style of it, but I’m sure it’s deliberately there…


  • And, it continues!!! This is one long blog conversation!

    Courtney, I think the problem Wes has with Black History Month is that it separates the “black” historical figures from the “white” ones. Instead of simply recognizing the “black” historical figures along with the “white” (or Indian, Asian, or whatever) ones all year round without a designated month to confine “Black History ” to.

    And, I’d have to agree with that (and, for crying out loud, learn how to spell).

  • Roni says:

    Thats so raven is racist, but in a way that is considered OK to america, its racist against whites. When you think about it, all the white people on the show are idiouts. Chelsea probably couldn’t add 1+1 with a calculator, and well, I cant name any other white characters because, well, there arent many.
    But I think that its mainly the directors doing. When you watch that other disney show Corey in the House, which is directly related to Thats so Raven, once again the only white main character (i dont remember his name) is an idiout, even worse then Chelsea. Ok I believe that racism of any race or color is wrong, but it’s even worse to be feeding it to innocent kids who watch the show. Thats just what I’ve gathered though.

  • Courtney says:

    Well there is only 1 non idiotic and that’s that one nerdy boy that hangs with Corey

  • brittany says:

    OH HELL NOW NAW!!!!! Thats so Raven is not a racist show. FUCK YOU Tetsu and all those otha haters on That’s so raven. It’s just a fuckin disney channel show that kids watch. and it ain’t go nothin to do with racistism because if it was then they’d be sewed. “Guess I’m racist cause i like That’s So Raven” ANd Wes you need to get a FUCKIN LIFE other than blogging cause no gives a shit about whatthe FUCK you think. Cuz you’re just a fuckin disgrace to all black people. PEOPLE DIED TO GAIN YOU’RE FREEDOM. And by the wat Courtney can spell BITCH! FUCK YOU!

  • Roni says:

    You can’t be serious. Disney is one of the most racist companies on the planet. Disney himself was a racist bastard, and ironically, he HATED children.

  • Mom in the Midwest says:

    AMEN!!! Just watched ‘That’s So RACIST’ & totally agree with you!!! It should be taken off the air!!

  • DJ says:

    Screw you!!!! Raven was a awesome show!!! You dumb ass nerd!!!! You probably sit in front of your computer all day and dish on people who actually have a life!!!!! And i know for a fact that you must be a nerd/geek because what person would even want and have time to create a blog on a show!!! So you should be the LAST person to talk bad about someone!! Get a life and get out of your moms basement!!!!!!

  • Deep Forest says:

    That’s so Raven is so funny that it’s funny to make fun of the situations in this show, like Stanley, he’s an evil, lying and scaming demon nigga, I can see his horns, I used to make fun of the theme song and the title of the show “That’s so nigga” even Corey is immature and stupid, he’s a demon nigga, when you think those kids learned their lesson after they got caught and were grounded, they keep on doing what they’re doing that get’s them grounded, it’s the kids of stupidsville, even on Corey in the house, Corey is the same like in that’s so raven but older, that Candy Smiles is a crazy nigga, have you seen the way she reacts to being lied to or being used and who knows what else, she’s a crazy nigga. The niggas in those shows that are kids always lie, cause trouble and get into trouble, proving the tipical nigga behavior of niggas. It’s the black shit skin niggas.

  • Anonymous says:

    you seem to comment on every black show horribly how are they be racist to any skin colour you sound like the racist one around here raven is a unique and funny show unlike your channel its horribly pathetic how u talk about her aas she is trying to make a livin

  • Maggie says:


  • werkoutplan says:

    its a kids show. if its stupid and corny, so be it.

  • notsosure says:

    Im just curious about this but what is your view of racism is exactly and what exactly makes something racist. Im black myself and i enjoy the show a saw ntohing really racist about it, and before smeone makes a immature comment toward mine Im very bright and I dont speak in ebonics and so on and so forth, its just that there’s so many things out there that people claim to be racit when its really not and I fully respect your opnoin as evryone has there on, but Im not totally sure that this was racist ,I could be wrong just not all to sure.
    And about black hstory month, I think its ok and I find it fascinating to see how many inventors there are that contribted to the black race and reminds me of how far we’ve come from slavery,segregation,and ect.

  • Sydney says:

    I didnt find anything good or ok in this article.
    I think its funny how you would of course go toward the ONLY show on DisneyChannel with an all African American family talking about Black History Month. I thinks thats racist.
    When other shows talk about Black History Month which have all Caucasian familys, and ONE black friend that must be okay, right?
    Thats So Raven’s Cast got deeper than anyother shows because they could RELATE.
    And you know why we have a month, maybe because the ONLY times you hear about our accomplishments/history is when you hear about slavery which went on for YEARS, but is only about half/or a quarter of a chapter in history books.
    Its a T.V show that I grew up watching and I loved/ love every minute of it.
    Its a COMEDY, it got serious for once and you didnt like it, which doesnt matter to anyone because 1) You dont like it anyways (so I dont Know why you’d watch it) and 2) Its an awesome fun, funn show that actually has meaning.
    So who cares if we get ONE month out of the year, its also the shortest, is that racist too? and Mexicans also get a time for their hertigage.
    Let Us Be.Leave It Alone.

  • Ariel Campo says:

    Or maybe the “irrelevant” DISNEY CHANNEL show was just about some kids in fucking high school going through teenage situations. Fucking idiot.

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