March 1, 2009
I do not like Human Disguise Zim.

It feels like it’s been forever, but we’ve got a new review to kick off March — Human Disguise Invader Zim! While I bought this a couple of years ago with a few other clearance figures, I only recently got around to opening it. I kinda wish I hadn’t, though, as it seemed a lot cooler while it was still in the package! Now, until I break down and get the DVD set, my last memory of Invader Zim will be an unpleasant one.

On the other hand, the second season of the show kinda sucked, so maybe that would have been the case no matter what.

In other news, while we have no new Crayon Haiku for you today, we encourage you to check out HAIKU for lots of… well, haiku. Also, SWAFT — run by our friend Tresob Yr — is apparently in the process of making a hosting change. I’ll get the links changed when that’s all complete and finalized, but do remember to check the site out over there! The subject of Charlie Clone’s latest review (revue?) is kinda unsettling.

I’ve still got that Power Ranger figure roundup in the works, but before then I might go for a Spectare review or two. If I do, it’ll come fairly soonish — we’ve gone exactly two weeks without any content, so I’m not averse to doubling (or even tripling, ha ha) up this week! But, as always, we’ll see if that actually comes to pass.

Until next time!

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  • Splendid review crayon-human!

    You win *Adhesive Medical Strips*, which you can probably use next time that crappily manufactured figure breaks.

    Anyway, I can’t believe you don’t have the DVDs yet. Have you the brainworms?!

    Seriously, what makes the DVDs awesome is that the commentaries are as hilarious as the show itself. Jhonen and Co. have a wild time ragging on each other and aren’t afraid to make fun of their own show at just the right moments. Some of the things they say have me laughing my butt off!

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I must obey the Taco-man!

  • please tell me you’re planning on reviewing, even if its just a rant in the blog, the new Street Fight: Legend of Chun-Li film.. – saw it the other night with my brother.. one of the best, most awesomely bad movies i’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing.. – i left the theater with a huge smile on my face.. it’s not often we get to relive bad 80’s campy action flicks on the big screen..

  • Wes says:

    Tetsu: Eh, I’m sure I’ll end up with the DVDs one day, but I’ve already got tons of DVDs that I haven’t watched and even more that I’ll likely want to rewatch before I feel the desire to watch “Invader Zim” again. I really did dislike some (perhaps most) of those second season episodes!

    I’m sure the commentaries are amusing, but I doubt that I’d be amused — I generally find it annoying to listen to other people’s conversations. I simply cannot get into podcasts and most radio broadcasts.

    Brian: No plans to review Chun-Li, since I’ve no plans to see it. At least not until it hits DVD, anyway! I’m not the biggest fan of movies in the theater anyway, and I can’t see paying to watch something this bad unless I get to keep it.

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