March 7, 2007
A Crayon Haiku #60! and more layout stuff.

I should have a new Hot Flash up sometime tomorrow, but here’s A Crayon Haiku #60 in the meantime. I’m mainly posting it now to test out the new WordPress generated content pages, which are LIVE… except for the Miscellaneous category. See, in the updated (but mostly the same) layout, the contents of the standing Misc. category are actually going to be divided among three separate ones — the standard Misc. one with new groupings for game reviews and writing pieces (short stories, writing guides, commentaries not explicitly tied to any other medium, etc.). I’ve already got them organized appropriately in the WP database, but until the new navigation header is ready I’m keeping them hidden.

Speaking of the new navigation header — since you asked so nicely — here’s a preview image that may or may not reflect part of the finished version. At present I’m thinking I’ll have this navigation text as part of the header with the site’s name and more characters (including a new drawing of the Crayon Critter!) to the right, but who knows. I’m also toying with the idea of tossing in some random elements — likely a speech bubble with text that changes based on a random number, but possibly even changing characters. The latter one’s particularly unlikely (at least until alpha channel png files are more widely supported), but we’ll see. Anyway, assuming all goes well, see you tomorrow with a new Hot Flash!

P.S. What do you think is a good number of features to show on the content archive pages? I currently have it set at a maximum of 18 blurbs per page (Misc. section presently excluded, of course), but I’m thinking maybe slightly more (or less) could work. Thoughts?

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  • I’ve always been partial to anything that ends with a 5… so, how about 25?

  • Spoodles says:

    I wouldn’t go TOO much more for fear of overwhelming the eye. At the same time, don’t shrink it, because it would be annoying to click through ninety times to see all your pieces. Maybe go 20 or 25, but not too much more.

  • Occasionally I will browse to those phishing links (provided they do not include an identifiable key-code in the URL which maps to my e-mail address) and submit fake information, like this:
    Username: joe12345
    Password: Ihopeyoufuckingdie
    kind of a simple way to contact the bastards.

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