March 13, 2007
Scary-Crayon REVISED! Sorta.

The updated layout — at least for the most part — should be running smoothly now. I’m still planning to make some changes to the sidebar (new links/link buttons, updated WP/plugin information, and maybe move the copyright info there as well, etc.) and of course change the main page footer. At present it says “Back to… Scary-Crayon” but technically, being on the main page (or anywhere on the site, really, but let’s not nitpick), you are already there! I also plan to add a lot more to the about page, with more info about ME (like you care, right?), slightly more informative blurbs about what you’ll find in each of the sections, and maybe submission guidelines or something like that. None of these changes will happen TOMORROW, mind you — I think I will take a week or so vacation from layout crap before returning to the fold — but they are on the horizon.

What will happen tomorrow, though (or later today, since it is after midnight), is the posting of a new (short) Hot Flash — so I will see you then! And let me know if you encounter any snags with the new layout, as it is entirely possible that in my hasty coding I left a colon out here or a question mark out there. Even if you don’t find any problems, though, I am quite interested in hearing your thoughts! 🙂

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  • Spoodles says:

    Hmmmm… I like it, although something seems a little off with it in IE6. Shouldn’t the neavigation and the logo be next to each other? See here for example:

    I don’t normally use IE, but I’m at my parents’ place on spring break. I’ll let you know how it works on Firefox, although my guess is it will be just dandy. Looks great other than the above-mentioned weirdness.

  • Wes says:

    Thank you, Spoodles! For some reason your comment got flagged as spam so I am just seeing it — but yeah, I’ve kinda been fooling with that problem for the better part of the last couple of hours. 🙂 It should be “fixed” now — “fixed” in quotations, because I honestly have no idea why it didn’t work in IE before. I reduced the margins a bit, but seeing as how they already should have fit, I don’t see why that would work unless IE6 is adding invisible 4px right/left margins for no apparent reason. Which it very well may be doing, but I dunno.


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