March 13, 2012
Todd & The Book of Pure Evil – Review and Contest!

Hey, folks! So here’s a new Spectare review — a commentary on “Todd & The Book of Pure Evil” Season 1. As noted in the review, you can buy the set on Amazon… or you can win one right here!

"Todd & The Book of Pure Evil" Season 1

Yep, the good folks at Foundry Communications sent me a review screener — along with three copies to give away via a promotional contest of sorts. So we’re going to do this three ways.

The first — and the easiest — way to enter is to leave a comment on this very post saying what you might wish for if The Book of Pure Evil fell into your lap… and how you might anticipate that wish going wrong. (You can certainly comment on other stuff — what you thought of the review, any questions regarding the DVDs that I didn’t answer in the set, etc. — and you can comment multiple times. But you only get one entry via this method, and only a comment that includes your Book of Pure Evil dreams — and nightmares — counts.) Make sure to use a valid e-mail address in the comment form so that I can contact you if you win.

Yeeeah... that skirt's mighty short.

The second way to enter is to follow Scary-Crayon’s tumblr page and like the entry corresponding to this contest and review. (It’ll be up shortly.) Then send an e-mail to me at with your tumblr name, e-mail address (so I can contact you if you win), and “Todd and The Book of Pure Evil Contest” in the subject line.

And the final way to enter is pretty much the same — except it involves liking Scary-Crayon on Facebook (yep, we’re on Facebook now) and liking the “Todd and The Book of Pure Evil” contest post on the wall. (Again, it’ll be up shortly.) In this instance, there will also be a question based on the review (don’t worry; it’ll be easy), which you should answer in an e-mail to You should also include your name (so I can verify that you liked the Facebook page and post) and e-mail address (so I can contact you if you win).

Bunny slippers and The Book of Pure Evil...?

So that’s it! You have until Monday, March 26, 11:59 PM EST to enter (so nearly two weeks away); winners will be chosen and announced shortly thereafter. I’ll be selecting one winner at random for each of the methods (so, for example, the prize definitely won’t end up going to three commenters), and although entrants are free and encouraged to enter all three ways, you can only win once. If you’re entering via methods two and three, however, you can send a single e-mail with both your tumblr and Facebook entry information.

Also, natch, guest contributors to Scary-Crayon are barred from consideration (though I encourage you to comment and participate on the various SC pages), and since the DVD set is Region 1 (and to keep me from spending a fortune on shipping), I’ll only ship to winning addresses in the US and Canada. (You can still enter if you live overseas — but you’ll have to use the address of a cousin or friend in North America who’ll send your prize the rest of the way if you win. :P) Scary-Crayon is not (nor am I) responsible for entries lost in the mail, negative reactions to the show itself, computer problems stemming from issues with tumblr and/or Facebook, etc.

I think that covers everything, but if you have any other questions (in addition to entries, etc.) please send an e-mail or ask them below! I’ll amend this post as necessary.

Thanks, readers! Good luck — and stay tuned to Scary-Crayon! I know I always write this, but we really do have more fun content (and more contests!) on the way.

EDIT: The contest is over — thanks to everyone who entered! No additional prizes will be given, but you’re still free to discuss the review, ponder what you’d do with and how you’d suffer from using The Book of Pure Evil, and so forth. 🙂

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