March 23, 2012
Review: Poker Night at the Inventory (PC/Mac)

And we’re back with more blog content! Today’s feature, which comes to us from Andrew Perry of Poker Junkie, is a review of Poker Night at the Inventory. It’s a game I’d never heard of until very recently, but one that will probably appeal to a lot of you netizens out there! Anyway, enough from me — let’s hear what Andrew has to say about it.

If we told you about a poker title that has only one form of poker to play, most of you would immediately go elsewhere. Instead, we are going to tell you about a poker title that allows you to get cussed out by Tycho from Penny Arcade. Interested? If so, you should check out Poker Night at the Inventory.

Poker Night at the Inventory

Poker Night at the Inventory is a poker title released by Telltale Games for the PC and Mac that pits you against several popular characters from games and the web. You get to play in an underground poker game at a secret club called “the Inventory” against the aforementioned Tycho — as well as the Heavy from Team Fortress 2, Strong Bad from Homestar Runner, and Max from Sam & Max.

In this game you only get one option for poker play, and that is a Texas Hold ’em poker sit and go. You start with $10,000 and your objective is to beat everyone at the table. That is pretty much it in a nutshell. If you win, you play again against the same players. Rinse, lather, and repeat.

While that doesn’t sound all that exciting, the game’s real selling point isn’t the poker, but rather the interaction between yourself and the characters. This game doesn’t just borrow character images from the games — it actually incorporates their personalities and even some of their background information into the game. Those who have played the games associated with the characters and/or are familiar with their respective Internet series will catch on to many of the inside jokes by the players.

Smile, Tycho! You're having a great night.

Also, your opponents will talk trash to both you and the other players. As mentioned earlier, Tycho will curse you out if you happen to suck out on him in the game. The Heavy is also a big fan of trash talk, and some of it is an absolute scream. Character interaction alone is a great reason to check this game out and will provide hours of entertainment.

Gameplay is what you would expect at the easy level, but at the hard level the players do play a solid game and can provide somewhat of a challenge. With that said, once the jokes and interaction have run their course, this game will quickly turn dull as there is no variation in the poker games offered.

Poker Night at the Inventory is a title more about player interaction than it is about poker. With downloads right around $5, the game is a cheap and fun option for those looking for poker for Mac and PC platforms.

That does it for this review, then. Thanks for the contribution, Andrew — and, as always, thank you out there for reading!

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