April 1, 2011
Another Oprah magazine cover review!

I think I said ages ago that I’d never do another one of these again — or maybe I didn’t! I sincerely hope I didn’t, because I’ve truly seen the divine light and greatness that Oprah has to offer all of us with the amazing and wonderfully wise words packed into each and every single issue of “O, The Oprah Magazine.” Accordingly, I’ve written a full (cover) review of the April 2011 issue so that you can (sort of) see for yourself how fantastic this publication is! OWN is the perfect acronym for her network, for she truly possesses — that is owns — every characteristic that is worth having and selflessly shares those qualities with us through her magazine. All hail Oprah Winfrey! We definitely should not despise and reject her offerings as meaningless, asinine trash, because we would be oh so wrong to do so.

In other news, on Articulated Discussion, I reviewed the baby Jesus.

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