April 6, 2006
Street Fighter Jenn!

Today we’ve got another game review for you — a blast from the past known as Street Fighter Jenn, complete with a link for you to download the game yourself! You’ll need DOSBox to run it, though. (And hmmm, it looks like there’s a new version… gotta get me summa that!)

Also, many thanks to Jenn Dolari for making this awesome game waaay back when and all of her subsequent info about it (to say nothing of some other stuff that I’ll write about in later articles). If you download the game, you may notice that the characters are a little less likely to murder you with their super moves than I suggested in the review — that’s ’cause Jenn actually updated the game and made it so the CPU opponents are, well, less likely to murder you with their super moves. She’s also included a graphic that’ll give you a point of reference for changing the game options, which may come in handy. See? She cares. She’s also got a couple of webcomics (A Wish for Wings and Closetspace), so do read them if you get the chance. They might be filled with yummy candy. 🙂

Until next time, minna-san!

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  • Jenn Dolari says:

    Yummy candy! Irving says “Thanks for playing!” 🙂

  • agustinaldo says:

    Say Wes,

    is there a fangame (like the one you mention) that combines the Marvel characters from the Marvel VS Capcom series with the DC characters from “Justice League: Task Force”?

    Cause I’d really like to play that, in a “DC VS Marvel” sort of way.

  • Wes says:

    I think there have been various efforts to do something like that with the MUGEN engine (try this link), but I haven’t actually played any of them. Alternately, you could hunt down a bunch of Marvel and DC characters, download MUGEN, and make your own personal version. Good luck with that!

  • Those game-mods are cool, but currently much more interested in developing my own fighting game in Gamemaker (which is in the works).

    Anyway, I’m wondering what the differences are between the official PC port of SF2 and the other versions.

  • Random Guy says:

    I was going to ask if you’d heard of MUGEN. I was addicted to it a while back, at one point having over a gigabyte worth of characters on my harddrive.

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