April 6, 2011
Monte wants an action figure resurrection!

Or at least he does for ten (eleven) properties of yesteryear. Find out why in Ten Properties That Deserve an Action Figure Resurrection, the latest contribution from Monte Williams of Geek Creek fame. He previously wrote about G.I. Joe Sigma Six valentines for the SC, and we’re glad to feature his work again! Your insights are always welcome here, sir. 🙂

Show Monte some love, and hopefully we’ll be back with new content sooner rather than later.

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  • Monte says:

    I hate to be that dateless prom guy who posts the first comment to his own essay, but thanks for hosting this list, Wes. I’m glad we’re the only ones who know how vastly you’ve improved it from the meager mess I submitted!

    • Wes says:

      Hey, it could be worse — you could be the dateless prom guy who stayed home to work on a website. 😉 And no thanks are necessary! As said, you’re always welcome here.

  • Hero says:

    I think the Thundercats panel at Wondercon hinted that we might see Silverhawks again.

    Would like to see Bionic Six and Gummi Bears back.


  • the Jax says:

    I remember watching Bionic 6 and C.O.P.S. religiously, but wonder if they would still entertain me. Didn’t know that Gummi Bears started the ball rolling for Disney TV cartoons…I liked DuckTales, TailSpin, and Darkwing Duck a lot. Couldn’t stand Chip n Dale for some reason, well I could name a few reasons, and usually missed Gummies’ timeslot.

  • Monte says:

    Hero, I dig your blog! Unfortunately, I can’t seem to post a reply because my internet sucks.

    That Shredder custom is wicked, Wes!

  • RADIX says:

    Nice. 🙂 I think I might’ve seen those McFarlane figures at KB Toys once or twice, before they removed all the stuff that wasn’t “kid-friendly” and then imploded.

    Realm of the Claw is a new one to me. Can’t seem to find their release date(s), though I find their prices (or at least what Go Figure was offering). Yipes.

  • Kevin "Jester" McGill says:

    Nice write-up Monte. Man was I a franchise bigot back in the day. It was Turtles or nothing. I barely remember many of those series/toylines. The only one I remember watching some-what regularly was Gummie Bears.

  • demoncat says:

    nice list. of all the properties getting the make over there have been hints by the thunder cats remake that the silver hawks could return. and preacher if nothing else dcdirect could rerelease the figures with the movie. for Mattel does not have the rights to preacher since its vertigo. gumi bears Disney would have to okay a return. bionic six sadly not enough fan support to warrent any company going after the license.

  • Tresob says:

    Despite the fact that Go-bots have been assimilated into Hasbro’s Transformers, I think a totally campy summer comedy featuring the Go-bots could snatch the transforming-robots crown from TFs. I find those old Go-bots cartoons unwatchable…but a big-budget movie making fun of them could be great. Oh, and maybe kids under the age of 13 could actually see this one!

    Somebody get working on that.

    • Wes says:

      Agreed! I have no idea how actual Gobots fans would respond to it — I know almost nothing about the property — but I’d have a much easier time accepting goofiness from characters named Cy-Kill and Cop-Tur than seeing my beloved Optimus Prime and Megatron tarnished so unforgivably.

  • clark says:

    Sign me up for new C.O.P.S. figures. I always loved the show (still have a couple of VHS tapes of them that I’ll break out once a year), but never had any figures.

  • sdp says:

    Not a great list to be honest, it seemed more of a “Shows I grew up with” list with little reasons on why they should be brought back for the most part. Also a bit of a turn off that every other paragraph was a link to the popmasters site. Just some feedback for Monte.

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