April 7, 2008
Discounted King Kong figures!

But first, another Crayon Haiku! Seriously, this is pretty much the only reason I went for this Jimmy Olsen — if I can’t have a Chloe figure, I’ll at least have someone to rag on Clark for letting Chloe get away. I mean, Superman losing to Jimmy Olsen is way worse than losing to Brainiac or Lex Luthor, especially when it’s entirely his fault! Pathetic.


And now, what I really meant to post last week but have just now finished: the first part of a King Kong action figure review! Playmates released a whole line of Kong figures in conjunction with Peter Jackson’s remake back in 2005, but it’s 2008 and most of these Kongs are still sitting on the shelves in KB Toys locations across America. In this installment, I look at three of the 6″ Kongs as well as the larger 11″ Roaring Kong figure. Next time, we’ll look at two more of the smaller figures and the 15″ deluxe Kong from Mezco. Sure, Kong’s no longer exactly current — not that he has to be for a Scary-Crayon review, but still 😉 — but these figures weren’t worth the original prices anyway. Discounted, however, they are awesome.

I’d like to say that the second part of this review will be up soon, but who knows considering that I still haven’t finished the Quick Change Dinobot piece! That said, whereas the QC Dinobots have all but disappeared since the 2007 winter holidays, not even Christmas (or the previous Christmas, for that matter) managed to dwindle the Kong armies manning the pegs at KB. I’m confident that you’ll have your chance to make an informed decision before they disappear altogether. 🙂

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  • You know what’s interesting is that the original 1933 King Kong movie was on TCM the very night you posted this.

    I watched it for the first time in years. I LOVE that movie. Still haven’t seen any of the remakes. Not sure I want to. I think the original and King Kong Vs. Godzilla are all the Kong movies I need.

    Of course, there’s also Donkey Kong! And, for some reason, this famous incident came to mind as i watched the film: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/U.....Co.%2C_Ltd.

    Anyway, just wanna mention, I just finished a comic-book script I was writing. Now, I just gotta buckle down and draw all the artwork.

    BTW, Happy Buddha’s Birthday Everyone!

  • Oh yeah, for those who don’t want to sit through a long Wikipedia legal article, here’s GameSpy’s summary of the amazing Universal Vs. Nintendo – Donkey Kong/King Kong Lawsuit.


    I think ferricide sums things up, nicely.

    Hmm, maybe I should get one of those king kong toys and repaint it into Donkey Kong.

  • Jester says:

    I only wish we still had a KB here. I loved the fact that they were essentially a toy liquidator, and you could find some old stuff. When i lived near Boise there was a KB Outlet and I found a complete box of the second 88 card based on the original TMNT cartoon. man i miss KB. But I digress.

    Nice reviews Wes, as usual. Did I ever tell you that your Grodd looks better than the up and coming Build a Grood from DC/Mattel.

  • trueBLUE says:

    Another awesome toy review, like always Wes. 😉

    And that Donkey Kong/King Kong lawsuit still makes me laugh. Surprisingly, my Nintendo history lingo completely missed that little gem until I read Gamespy’s article about it. Their pictures with the articles were funny as well.

    Off-topic: Sega Saturn black controller should die. >=(

  • Wes says:

    Tetsu: I wasn’t aware of that case before, but that is pretty interesting stuff. To think, Nintendo was once one of the little guys! And yes, repainting a King Kong into Donkey Kong could work (if only for the historical relevance), though I think repainting a Donkey Kong into some other figure could be even cooler. Donkey Kong figures aren’t quite as common, though, so you might not want to do that. 🙂

    And congrats on finishing your comic script!

    Jester: You’ve always thought of KB Toys as a toy liquidator? Some of them (namely the KB Outlets you mention) certainly seem that way, and KB is becoming more and more like that, but until recently I’d thought of KB as that really overpriced toystore in most malls.

    Actually, I used to work at a KB, and even with my employee discount I’d only buy toys that had been marked down (otherwise it was still cheaper to get them from Toys ‘R’ Us) — and the only time they got marked down was after they’d been sitting on our shelves for quite a while. It’s only since a bunch of them shut down around here that they’ve been getting toys and selling them right off the bat at bargain prices. (I’ve gotten 7 marked down DC Direct figures from KB in the past couple of weeks, not to mention all of these Kongs. Go go KB!!)

    And thanks for the Grodd praise! Considering that it was the fact that I’m unlikely to ever see Mattel’s Grodd that led me to undertake this custom project in the first place, that makes me feel all warm and toasty inside. 🙂

    trueBLUE: Glad you liked the review — hopefully Part 2 will be equally appealing (and not too far off)! And, off-topic, what did the Saturn controller do to you…?

  • Jester says:

    Well, maybe not always. But, I did always seem to find some old reasonably priced stuff mingled with the expensive newer toys.

  • Rha says:

    Gah! The last remaining KB in my area shut down a few weeks ago. I really miss the discount bargain bins there. I could really get down with a gripping Kong.

  • Wes says:

    Yeah, KBs are almost like an endangered species these days. Pretty sad! I’ll let you know if I come across any more Gripping Kongs, though — there have to be some more hiding out somewhere out there.

  • Jester says:

    Hey Wes,
    Ever thought of doing a “Why I don’t like Smallville” post? It could almost even go the way of a top 10 (or what ever list). I think it could be very interesting.

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