April 13, 2016
Recent stuff and a quick film review

Hey — so Scary-Crayon isn’t dead! The blog’s probably a bad place to be focused if you’re keeping tabs on the site (I *really* haven’t used it much since I’ve been posting articles such that folks can comment directly on them; Facebook or Tumblr are probably better for updates), but I’ll still post here from time to time. Like now! If you missed the most recent article, here’s a link to my impassioned defense of Batman v Superman.

In other news, since I just watched Unfriended, here’s a super-quick film review! The movie was… actually pretty decent. The gimmick — the entire movie unfolds on the computer screen of one of the characters: all character interactions take place on Skype and Facebook/Gmail messages, all flashbacks are done via YouTube and Facebook memories, etc. — was surprisingly effective, all things considered. There’s not a lot of depth here in terms of story or characterization, but somehow that just makes the result that much more impressive. There’s even a fairly pronounced anti-bullying message!

I can’t imagine having watched this in a theater, though; I’d wager that the film plays much better — or at least seems more convincing — on a computer (and perhaps even better on a laptop).

All for now, kiddies. I say this every time, but seriously — there’s more content on the way. One word: Booyakasha.

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