April 21, 2007
No, no, no, no, no.

I don’t even know what to say about the latest episode of Doctor Who’s Series 3. Wait, yes I do. FUCKING TERRIBLE. In addition to the incredibly superfluous pig people, we have the introduction of the incredible evolved Dalek… the Human Dalek. No, really. Almost everything that made the Dalek awesome had to do with that adorable casing — from the odd decorative spheres to the croaking robotic voice to the freaking plunger arm — and yet one of the writers had the brilliant idea of having the Daleks merge with humans and “evolve” into a humanoid form with none of these iconic features. Seriously. It’s just ridiculous.

A Human Dalek. Really.

Now, I’m hoping that this Human Dalek is killed off in the second episode of the two-parter and that the Daleks decide not to pursue this new evolutionary route — and realistically speaking, something like that has to happen, since I doubt that the writers would utterly fuck up the best villains that the series has to offer — but even flirting with this kind of ruin borders on blasphemy. It doesn’t even make sense. Why would a thing built like a tank suddenly want to take on a more humanoid form? (And it’s not as if these are the fragile Daleks of old that were unable to climb stairs and could easily be beaten into submission by mobs — these things have force fields and can fly!) Dalek Sec points out that whereas Daleks are nearly extinct, human beings have survived throughout the ages. It’s not because of the humanoid shape that the humans have endured, though — it’s because the Daleks keep fucking up and getting nearly destroyed by the Doctor! Yet every time they face him, they let him live. Daleks keep losing because of their own negligence and stupidity. Which they have only compounded by taking on humanoid form. Argh. 🙁

So I had to write an emergency haiku to express my disappointment.

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  • Jesus says:

    Worst writing EVER! A race believing in superiority combining their weaknesses with human weaknesses, it’s the absolute opposite direction of the Dalek Emperor. And the only reason he lost was because of stupid time vortex whatever garbage that was beyond cheap. And the emperor wasn’t even looking to evolve the race, he was just looking to rebuild but I think made improvements accidentally in the process. This new “evolution” is devolution. Davros is spinning in his grave. SEC! DO NOT BLASPHEME!

  • RADIX says:

    You’d think they’d find a form more attractive than that…

  • the Jax says:

    Yeah…it’s butt-ugly. And not scary at all.

  • Wes says:

    It’s not so much the ugliness that offends me — I mean, it more or less looks like the new series’ representation of the Kaled mutant, so it makes sense that a human with one grafted onto his head would come out looking something like this. The problem is that it doesn’t make sense for Daleks to be merging with humans in the first place! As Jesus points out, the Dalek Emperor (after recreating the Dalek race by harvesting dead humans and manipulating their genes) referred to the mere suggestion that the Daleks were “part human” as blasphemy — so for Sec to explicitly merge with humanity is just wrong. Plus, 90% of what makes the Daleks cool is the fantastic and unique appearance of the Dalek armor. To do away with it is unacceptable.

  • the Jax says:

    I know next to nothing about Doctor Who/Daleks, but I agree that the metal chassis is unique and instantly recognizable. This drastic, unjustified change is like discovering Klingons are vulnerable to kryptonite. And I reiterate: butt-ugly. I would sooner make out with any creature in the Mos Eisley Cantina than even meet these psuedo-Daleks face-to-face. They make Jabba the Hutt look adorable.

  • agustinaldo says:

    Say, what happened to the Cybermen?

    How do they fit in the contunity of the new series?

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