April 28, 2009
Dollhouse is still lame.

Hard to believe (or not…) that it’s been over a month since the last SC update, but we’re finally back with a new piece! Despite my initial recognition that the show wasn’t very good, I’ve continued watching “Dollhouse”… and I can’t say that it’s gotten better. In fact, I now think I hate the show, mostly because it liberally embraces one of the things I despise most in any work: pseudo-philosophical bullshit. This mainly consists of shallow ideas and pronouncements masquerading as deep ones, but it’s also a problem when multiple characters advance ideas that are clearly wrong and/or questionable… yet even when these ideas are voiced to other characters who would presumably know enough to point out their flaws, nobody else calls them out. Actually, that last one is a problem even when they’re not talking about things like mind-erasing technology and eternal life, but whatever.

I doubt that we’ll have another April update, but hopefully I’ll have more content for you before another month has passed! Seeya then.

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  • De says:

    I stopped watching after episode 3. Is the show still an excuse to get Eliza into skimpy outfits?

    • Wes says:

      Well, I wouldn’t say that it’s an excuse to get Eliza into skimpy outfits… but it still has a tendency to happen! They’ve even shown her coming back from engagements in full dominatrix gear for no story-serving reason that I can recall.

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