May 5, 2007
The Lost Lunches: Volume One!

Sorry about the lack of updates as of late (this is getting to be a pretty common way of beginning these entries, isn’t it?), but we’ve finally got something new for you: The Lost Lunches: Volume One! As noted in the article, the lack of official Random Lunch articles on the site doesn’t mean that I haven’t been making and photographing them — so today’s piece takes us back to 2004 for a look at five (well, four, but one is a two-in-one) of the culinary experiments that got “lost” as I got distracted and worked on other things for Scary-Crayon. But now — at long last — these forgotten dishes have been recovered for your viewing pleasure! :mrgreen:

After looking at some of these, though, you may wish they’d stayed lost.

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  • RADIX says:

    Good thing I didn’t look at this before eating lunch, or I may have lost it. You are a mastermind of the revolting cuisine, sir.

  • the Jax says:

    Eew! I couldn’t bring myself to touch a brown banana. However, I’ve made many a scrambled egg containing imitation crab, garlic, and hominy.
    There is a circumstance in which combining eggs & strawberries is OK, in fact awesome. Take croissants and slice them lengthwise, dip in egg and fry them up into Croissant French Toast. Take fresh or frozen strawberries and mix them in the blender with whipped cream/cool whip, and a little bit of bourbon. Pour strawberry sauce over Croissant French Toast. Bellisimo!

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