May 9, 2006
SF2 PC: Now with Dhalsim videos!

By special request, I’ve updated yesterday’s examination of the early PC versions of Street Fighter II with three videos of Dhalsim doing what he does best — KILLING YOU! Note also that Dhalsim is one of the few characters who can actually juggle opponents off of his throw (Blanka being the other notable one). If you’re good, you can even follow it up with a Yoga fire. Not that any of this finesse is necessary, though. On anything except the very highest difficulty levels, you can beat the whole game as Dhalsim by just jamming on the kick button. You’d take the occasional fireball in the face (the sick damage factor on the upper levels is what makes playing them a little tougher), but that’s about it.

Dhalsim vs. Chun-Li (674 KB)
Dhalsim vs. Balrog (859 KB)
Dhalsim vs. Sagat (589 KB)

The reason I didn’t have Dhalsim videos before: I hate playing as him. In this game, Dhalsim’s the guy that you pick because you have to, not because you want to. If his regular attacks weren’t so cheap, he’d be a terrible character. His jumps are the lowest of any character in the game and almost all of his airborne attacks hit at a distance — and because you can only be hit once by a jumping opponent, this gives your opponent plenty of time to set up a vicious counterattack. Projectile attacks aren’t terribly useful in this game, making the Yoga Fire not so great, and the Yoga Flame is absolutely worthless. (Actually, special moves in general kinda suck in this game.) But you pick him because if you don’t pick him, you have to fight him — and given his ridiculous cheapness, beating him can sometimes prove all but impossible.

I don’t like Dhalsim
he’s so goddamned fucking cheap
he’ll kick you to death

Until next time!

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  • agustinaldo says:

    Well, when I first read your review, I thought you were implying that Dhalsim was the best character in the game.

    And I sa HELL YEAH! on that review of the live action “Street Fighter” movie. I’d love to see what you do with Jean-Claude Van Damme and Raul Julia’s “acting”.

  • Wes says:

    Well, I did say he’s the best character in the game, but I guess it depends what one means by “best”. In SF2 PC, Dhalsim’s the best in the way Zangief would be the best if the spinning piledriver could suck in an opponent from anywhere on the screen and did 75% damage, not the best in the way people have considered Ken and Ryu (and Guile) to be the best because of their multipurpose special moves and well-rounded fighting abilities. Dhalsim’s the best character in the way a ridiculously cheap final boss would be the best after you put in the code to make him playable.

    Hope this helps to clarify the point!

  • agustinaldo says:

    Yes, it does. I should know, it happened to me evey time I fought against Cyber-Akuma in “Marvel Super Heroes VS Street Fighter” on my Playstation.

    Every single time, I beaten all the character, defeated Apocalypse, deviced the best techniques to win the game, and then invariably Cyber-Akuma would come along and slaughter me in seconds.

    Not even The Hulk could beat him, and he was the most powerful (playable) character in the entire game!

    By the way, the “Street Fighter” movie is a definitive must for any bad movie conosseiur.

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