June 2, 2008
King Kong Lives!

And a month and a half later, the second part of the King Kong discounted action figure review is finally up! And to reward you for waiting so patiently, I’ve even included a bonus review of a dollar store gorilla toy. 😉

Speaking of dollar store toy reviews, you might want to check out the Dollar Store Toy Box. I believe the author of the site lives in Canada, so it’s particularly neat to see what items are making the rounds in the northern counterparts of our own dollar stores here in the States. For example, the Transformatrix bootleg Optimus Prime (remember him?) was a Dollar Tree regular back during the 2006 winter holiday season, but apparently he’s just arrived in Canada’s Dollarama locations. Neat!

And while we’re plugging things, Review the World returned this weekend after posting its “final” article on December 31, 2007. Sometimes things just don’t stay dead, eh? Anyway, I look forward to seeing how RtW progresses in its resurrected incarnation.

Until next time, minna-san!

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  • Wow, Wes you’ve really been “going ape”, lately!

    But, seriously you’ve really been on a Kong/Grodd/Apes in general kick lately.

    Nothing wrong with that though. 😉 But, I do hope DK and the Planet Of The Apes get their due while you’re monkeying around.

    My big kick is still KND. And, I just wanna mention that I think Nigel Uno (#1) could totally take Grodd. 😛

    (Click my name for proof of both Nigel’s awesomeness, and the fact that I waste way too much time looking at crap on Youtube).

    Anyway, I think the coolest use for the dollar store monkey would be to attach wings to it so it could represent on of the Wicked Witch’s minions!

  • Uh, Wes I hate to bother you like this.

    But, for some reason the blog didn’t post my previous comment (and this time I didn’t have any links in the actual post).

  • Wes says:

    Recovered — either the YouTube link for your URL or the lack of an ending </i> tag probably aroused the spam filter’s attention (I’m guessing the former).

    Anyway, that’s a great suggestion for the dollar store bonobos! I should’ve thought of that. 😛

    Grodd would have every last one of the KND (not just the core five members, but all 300 of them or whatever) for breakfast.

  • Well, I was just saying Nigel vs. Grodd (which we’ll get to in a bit), but the whole organization, let’s see…

    Who’s up for a geek debate! >:D

    Well first of all, the show’s main characters aren’t the core members (the Numbers, or “Numbuhs” rather are codenames not ranks) , they’re simply “Sector V” one of many (thousands) KND units stationed in heavily armed tree-houses throughout the world (the sheer numbers, far more then 300, would be overwhelming).

    The “core members” would be the higher officers located at the Moonbase, which, as it’s name implies, is a gigantic military base located on the moon, led by the “Supreme Leader” Numbuh 362 (aka Rachel MacKenzie, BTW 1×362 4Evah!).

    They have weapons ranging from egg-launchers and mustard-guns, for the usual goofy villains, to high-powered ray-guns and missile launchers for truly sinister villains, like Father (I guess with Grodd, they’d have to break out the heavy artillery). And, they posses equipment that includes giant mechs and efficient spacecraft.

    Not to mention, they train specifically to fight enemies who are physically bigger and stronger than themselves.

    But, I actually think Nigel can beat Grodd alone because he was able to take on Grandfather (basically the “Unicron” of the KND universe), and Grandfather had a mass of demonic powers, including the ability to instantly zombify the entire planet.

    He did have help through most of the adventure, his father (who in turns out was once the legendary “Numbuh Zero” as a kid), the usual villain Father (actually Nigel’s uncle Benedict Uno), and the long-lost Sector Z (a KND special Ops. group). But, in the end, it came down to Nigel vs. Grandfather (because everyone else was a zombie, or otherwise out of commission by this point).


  • Wes,

    Thanks so much for the random but thoughtful plug! I really appreciate it. You?ll be glad to know that Scary-Crayon is back adorning my not-so glamorous links page. Keep up the stellar work, I?m enjoying it per usual, and of course I?m a sucker for any piece that drops a Dollar Tree reference. One last thing let me officially put in my plea for the second volume of The Lost Lunches series to be posted this summer?I?m dying to see it!

  • Wow, I really got carried away with my last post (it was 4:30 am, and I didn’t feel like going to bed yet. I was looking for any excuse to still be awake).

    Anyway, I just realized that the dollar store Bonobo would also make a very good Mojo Jojo!

    Also, I really wonder if they have toys based more on the original 30s version (if they don’t I’ll have to write to NECA suggesting that. It sounds right up their alley).

    It would be cool if they were more or less replicas of the actual stop-motion model used in the movie.

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