June 10, 2012
Another Crayon Haiku!

What the post title says — A Crayon Haiku #137 is up. Man, I didn’t realize how much I’ve missed these things! They are kinda lite, though, so I’m thinking maybe I should modify the site layout so that they don’t ultimately crowd more substantive content off of the front page listing. Like maybe give them a sidebar block, the way the blog is listed now. I dunno; we’ll see if I post them frequently enough for it to get to that point.

As noted previously, you can now comment directly on features, so feel free to do that. 😀 I’m also thinking I’ll add that capacity to some of the older articles as well, or at least ones that don’t have preexisting discussions already taking place on related blog entries. Again, we’ll see!

More substantive content on the way — I still have some food product reviews I’d like to do. I didn’t photograph (or consume) General Tso’s chicken from Dollar Tree for nothing…

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