June 11, 2006
Dusty Plastic HELL: Hot Flash #82!

Wow, has it been that long since I’ve posted to the site? Ugh, sorry about that. I don’t have that food article ready, but here’s a goofy single-image Hot Flash for y’all in the meantime. And unlike most of the drawings on Scary-Crayon, it’s actually (mostly) done in crayon! w00t. 🙂

''Because we want to!''

For those of you who don’t quite get what’s going on with the pic, it concerns Billie Piper, who stars in the current “Doctor Who” series but who, circa 1998-2000, was a British teen pop star. Admittedly, while the show wasn’t terrible — overall I’d say it was decent entertainment, but nothing spectacular enough to warrant its inclusion on a must-see list — it was Piper that kept me watching, since I actually remember her from way back when. Granted, I wasn’t as familiar with her musical catalogue as most British fans, but I was surprised to learn that a lot of American viewers weren’t aware that she was a former pop star at all. Seems like “She Wants You” was on the radio quite a bit back in the day.


Anyway, if you want to see some British music videos from last century, pop on over to YouTube (which has like, everything these days) and check out Billie in the following links:

“Because We Want To”
“Day & Night”
“Something Deep Inside”
“Walk of Life”

There are some live performances on there too (search for “Billie Piper”), if you’re interested. And I’m guessing she got shot with one of those cure darts from the pretty lame X-Men: The Last Stand (it was so lame that I can’t even rant about how lame it was, sorry), seeing as how she appears to have lost her mutant ability to fashion dancing metal men from trash cans and bring goofy cartoon boys to life. 😐

Dance while you wait.

I guess laundromats are popular hangouts for British youth.

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