June 22, 2010
The (Cyber) Shredder Strikes Back!

So it’s been ages since the last update. I apologize, but I totally had a good reason! See, I got bitten by the customizing bug again… and you know I tend to disappear for a while when that happens. But my absence bore fruit, for I finally finished my Shredder custom figure! That’s right — the one I started working on back in March of last year, and that appears at a very early stage in this Crayon Haiku collection. Among other projects I’ve finished in the last couple of months, I also completed that Wolverine! In addition to some other recent customizing projects, expect Logan to appear on SC in the near future as well.

Shredders unite!

But today belongs to the Cyber Shredder — and in Dusty Plastic HELLside #18, he makes his triumphant Scary-Crayon debut! This’ll hardly be the last time you’ll see him, though, as (much like Grodd) I’ll probably find excuses to work him into a whole bunch of features and articles before I finally “retire” him to the display area. In the meantime, I’m having a blast posing and photographing the guy!

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for now. Until next time — which will hopefully be sooner rather than later!

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  • Nelson says:

    Ha! I knew it was just a matter of time before you posted your custom Shredder in SC!

    Poor original Super Shredder figure… he looks so lame in comparison…

    Random thought: 2k7 Shredder kinda looks like the new Blue Beetle if you think about it.

  • Grimlock64 says:

    THAT’s a CUSTOM!? I actually thought it was the latest release in NECA’s TMNT toyline! Fantastic job!

  • Newt says:

    Whenever you’re ready to send him on over to my house, just let me know and I’ll give you the address. Don’t dottle though.

  • clark says:

    Glad to see you finished the custom shredder, he looks awesome. The comic with splinter reminds me of samurai tailor.

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