June 26, 2009
A special RIP Hot Flash…

Considering the blow(s) dealt to the pop culture world yesterday, it’s a bit ironic that I posted a Grim Reaper figure review early that morning, eh?

Anyway, I generally like to leave more time in between updates to allow y’all to catch up, but here’s a special Hot Flash to mark the passing of one Michael Jackson. The image itself is kinda fitting, but if you click it you get the snarky dialogue that prompted me to make the comic in the first place (well, I imagined Michael Jackson saying that upon entering his own personal version of Heaven)… so you might not want to if you really loved Jacko and are easily upset by people making fun of him (especially now that he’s gone). For my part, I didn’t know him and he didn’t know me — and he hadn’t put out any really great songs since the 80s, so it’s not like I’m being deprived of any awesome new music — so I’m not really saddened by his death. I’d be sadder if you died, since right now, simply by reading this, you are closer to me than Michael Jackson ever was.

Also? The guy was a child molester, or at least did some really inappropriate shit with children. How do I know this? The guy talked about sharing his bed with children on national television — no, international television — without appearing to even remotely grasp how that would be perceived. “What’s wrong with sharing your bed?” You just don’t fucking do it, that’s what’s wrong with it — if for no other reason than your own goddamned protection. And he said this long after he’d already paid off some other family accusing him of touching their little boy!

Shit, if something like that happened to me I would never be seen in the presence of children again. Nor would I calmly dismiss any accusations concerning or references to the incident as stemming from “ignorance.” No, my response would be more along the lines of, “FUCK YOU I DIDN’T TOUCH THAT MOTHERFUCKING KID AND IF YOU EVER SAY I DID AGAIN I WILL FUCKING SMASH YOUR JAW AND RIP OUT YOUR FINGERNAILS.” Michael Jackson’s attitude towards the whole thing was never that of an innocent man — it was more like that of a guilty man who didn’t understand what was wrong with what he’d done. And while that is in itself is a kind of innocence, my point stands.

So… yeah. Oh, you might notice that this comic isn’t linked on the front page — that’s mostly because I want Ragey’s awesome Jungle Panda review to occupy the top spot on the site for at least a few more days, but also because I don’t want people just popping in, seeing it, and then coming here to flame the crap out of me. They’re going to have to go a little deeper into the site for that. 😛

‘Till next time!

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  • It’s hard to believe he’s gone.

    Only time will tell if he’ll be remembered as the awesome entertainer of the past, or the creepy p?dophile he became later in life.

    I will admit to being a little saddened that a singer who’s music I very much enjoyed as a kid is gone, but I still loved that joke in your comic.

    Let’s just hope in his next life, he doesn’t get so goddamned screwed-up.

    • Wes says:

      Oh, he’ll be remembered as a great entertainer. Unless you’re Hitler (or Chris Benoit), the public forgives all of your sins when you die. Even if you were a womanizer or an all around terrible person, they’ll make movies about you that portray you accurately and still gush about how the film is moving and triumphant and really shows what a great guy you were! The actor who played you will also be nominated for an Academy award.

      Anyway, I’m glad you enjoyed the comic. 🙂

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