June 27, 2004
Welcome, Jax!

Wes here. First of all, I’d like everyone to welcome Jax to Scary-Crayon! Her first piece for us is a poem entitled “Joan of Arc”. Hopefully she’ll stick around to contribute more in the future. Anyway, glad to have you on board, Jax. 🙂

Next point, towards the bottom of the links I’ve added a graphic link to my personal blog. The plans for a Scary-Crayon blog are in the works — I’ve just gotta find someone willing to code a blog for me or learn how to do it myself (volunteers, anyone?), since I’d kinda like SC to remain “independent” and not have certain sections of it “powered by Movable Type” and whatnot. But until that happens, you’ve got my blog — it’s not officially part of the site, but until the official SC blog goes up mine’s the closest thing to it.

Aaaand one more thing. Would anyone be interested in ordering Scary-Crayon merchandise (t-shirts, hats, mugs, etc.) or getting original drawings from your humble webmaster? Stuff like that? Send an e-mail and let me know. Hell, send me an e-mail anyway, assuming anyone even reads this column. I want to do a reader mail piece, but I don’t have enough for that yet. By the way, that special request for donations still stands. 😛

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