June 30, 2009
A new Hot Flash and layout shifting!

So! New Hot Flash today. Remember when I wrote in the Classic TV Toys Grim Reaper review that the guy was toy comic gold? Well, I wasn’t kidding — this is only the first of many humorous visits from our skull-headed friend. He won’t feature in the next few Hot Flashes (yes, for once I’ve actually got advanced content queued up!), but he will definitely be back. Mark my words.

Yeah… moving on. If you missed that Michael Jackson Hot Flash I cleverly hid away to avoid any flaming in the immediate wake of his death, you can check that out! It does poke fun at the guy, though, so be warned if you’re an ultra-sensitive Chris Crocker LEAVE MICHAEL ALONE HE’S A (dead) HUMAN BEING kinda person. And speaking of recent features, don’t forget to read Ragey’s Jungle Panda review! If you haven’t already!

And that should just about do it for today’s entry, right? No — there’s one more important thing, which you probably haven’t noticed because it’s so subtle. Take a moment to scroll on up to the navigation header, won’t you? I’ll wait.

<elevator music plays>

Back? Didja see it? NO?!?!? Fine, I’ll tell you — the site navigation has been changed up a bit! See, for a while I’ve been dumping toy reviews into the Miscellaneous Articles category… and while that worked fine when we were only doing one every six months or so, the recent onslaught of them has prompted me to give them a separate category. However, because I didn’t want to mess with the right-side SC graphic(s) — and because it’s been ages since I posted an installment of Crayon Poetry Corner — I decided to merge the CPC and Writing sections. w00t.

Aaand because that changed the alignment of the text, and since I didn’t have or couldn’t find a lot of the old files I used, it also meant that I had to completely redo all of the left header graphics. I’m not even going to tell you how long it’s taken me, but suffice it to say that I’ve been staring at code and graphics and little grey and darker grey boxes that indicate transparency for so long that I’ve temporarily (temporarily?) gone quite mad. Hence the rather punchy nature of this entry! Oh ho ho ho ho.

And this is why Madballs and a Squirtdevil are swarming the Juggernaut.

P.S. If you’ve been using a RSS feed reader to keep up with the blog and have been swarmed by the gross anti-hotlinking graphic, let me know! I’ve fixed it for Google Reader and Bloglines, and at the very least you should be able to view the emoticons without having to see poor Raph partially submerged in a cow patty… but if you’re using another feed reader, let me know so I can fix things for you too. Not that I post all that many images in the blog, but still — if you’re legitimately trying to keep up with the site, you shouldn’t be subjected to that. 😛

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  • Well you certainly have enough Toy articles. I’m surprised there wasn’t a toy section, already.

    And, shame on you, Death! Though, Mai can be awfully tempting. 😉

    • Wes says:

      Well, we haven’t always had that many toy articles — I think there were only a handful when I put together the navigation menu, so it didn’t make sense to give them a separate category at the time. I mean, 2005 only had one toy review! They didn’t start picking up until late 2007, and I think I changed the navigation towards the beginning of that year.

      And yes, Mai is definitely PHAT. 😉

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