July 3, 2005
OMG! It’s Scary-Crayon’s blog!

I’m pretty sure I started talking about this thing a year ago, but THE SCARY-CRAYON BLOG is finally open. Hurrah! So let’s talk a bit about what we’ve got here and what to expect.

Foremost, after successfully running the program on my personal domain and growing to lurve it, the SC blog is powered by WordPress (currently version; additional technical info can be found in the box at the bottom of the sidebar at right). Also, given that this is the first blog post, you may be wondering where all of these other posts came from! Remember the Site Talk block that used to adorn the content pages? I actually saved every blurb ever written in there, so now that old text has been chronicled in the archives of the new blog. Not that anything truly substantial got mentioned there, but if you’re looking for something in one of those old posts, feel free to use the search bar at right to find it.

Psst! Didja catch that? There’s a search bar! :mrgreen:

Anyway, it’s hella late — or should I say early? the birds are chirping outside! — so let’s wrap this up. What is this place for? Well, in addition to noting updates here, I’ll also provide commentaries on things like stupid internet ads and television commercials from time to time — basically short little rants and/or observations not long enough to warrant being made into articles. New changes to the site will also be mentioned here.

And finally, thanks to the commenting function, you’ll be able to voice your opinion about articles and the like right here! I’ll also ask questions from time to time, if you’re up for answering them.

So, first question: How do you feel about the new blog? Also feel free to contribute a word or two about any prior articles, etc., in this entry’s comments section as well! Ja. 🙂

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  • Greg says:

    Sweet deal.

    My five favorite Wes articles (in no perticular order):

    -TMNT anime (a given, actually)
    -Happy Father’s Day Splinter
    -The Shore Leave Report
    -Halle Berry IS Catwoman
    -How to write A 50,000 word novel in a month

  • Josh says:


    I suppose the TMNT Anime did bring me to this site. Then I stayed after seeing all the other TMNT articles you had. Then the first non-tmnt article I read was the Catwoman one, which was good, so I liked your site in general.

  • Liz says:

    So how is this blog different from your Wesoteric Blog? Is it that this blog relates to ScaryCrayon only? Do the two mix? As for what brought me here: It would be De’s recommendation. Your “cuisine” is unique, to say the least, and I like what you do with your action figures. I should unearth mine and shoot a Cottage Cheese Compendium for you.

  • the Jax says:

    Good job, Crayon-san! I know how long you’ve craved this accomplishment. Your TMNT anime article originally drew me to SC, but the Random Lunches made me a permanent visitor. (oxymoron?) Probably the Creepy Freaks review made me laugh out loud the most.
    I’m so glad I sent you an appreciation email and got to be your online friend. Heck, you even posted my poem! What a guy.

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