July 9, 2012
July 2012 news and updates!

Hey, guys!

So it’s been a few weeks since I posted an entry to the blog, but hopefully you haven’t missed out on the updates we’ve had since then! If you’re only subscribed to the blog RSS feed, you might want to consider liking our Facebook page or following our tumblr feed. I’ve been less inclined to add a new blog entry for each update since modifying the features to include comments, but I have posted about them via those channels! (Sorry to bug you with that again; it’s just a suggestion. 😉 ) But if you have in fact overlooked those updates, we’ve posted A Crayon Haiku #139, A Random Lunch #12 (yep, it’s back!), a review of A Series of Unfortunate Events (the books, not the movie), and, today, Dusty Plastic HELLside #38. Check ’em out!

I also wanted to let you know to watch the site later this week — because we’re going to be covering the San Diego Comic-Con live! I’m not sure whether the bulk of content will end up as features or posted to the blog (probably some of both, maybe more of the latter), but yeah, we’ll have coverage for you on stuff. Do post a comment to let me know if you’re hoping to hear any specific information or would delight in a Scary-Crayon take on a particular media item. I’m probably going to be skipping the major toy panels — every site covers those, and I don’t know how much I can add to a bunch of photographs of slides. Granted, it’s kinda the same deal with the exhibition displays (photograph, THAT LOOKS GREAT I WANT IT, repeat), but at least those are things I’m going to be stalking and photographing anyway. 😀


And speaking of things that get stalked by me, NEW TMNT FIGURES! The Target website said they were in stock at the store nearest me, so after I couldn’t get through on the phone I zoom-zoomed over with fingers crossed. They weren’t yet on shelves, natch, but an employee was kind enough to pull the case from the back for me. AND OH MAN, MY JOY! I can’t remember the last time I saw a freshly opened case of toys, but holy shit it was awesome. It almost makes me want to open a toystore so that I can justify buying toys by the case and routinely experience the joy of opening those boxes myself. And this case was filled with TMNT figures, no less! It was like something I might have dreamed about as a child, only it was really happening — and just like in a childhood dream I might have had, nothing was stopping me from grabbing all of the figures I wanted.

With my luck, I’ll probably die in a car accident tonight before ever getting the chance to open the figures. (Fuck that; I’m making sure to open at least Raph before I get behind the wheel in an hour.) If that happens, hopefully you all can find solace in the knowledge that I had a truly joyous experience on my last day on Earth. Please think well of me when I’m gone — and bury my shell at Wounded Knee.

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