July 10, 2016
Nitty gritty

The occasional article post notwithstanding, it’s been a really long time since I’ve delved into the inner workings of the site and/or viewed articles when not logged into the control panel… and apparently a whole lot of stuff broke around here behind the scenes. I don’t know that I have it in me to fully update the site for 2016+ now — I’m presently not all that concerned with tailoring the site for mobile browsers, for instance — but I’d like to keep the site functional and at least somewhat aesthetically pleasing! So please drop me a line if you see anything that looks super broken or just weird around here.

Also, although I have no plans to ditch Scary-Crayon as is (I’m rather fond of the look of it) and perpetually hope to get back into posting articles at least semi-regularly, I now totally understand why so many other webmasters have just started up new sites and relegated their existing sites to archives. Converting an entire site to the new order seems like a nightmare. x_x

So, um, if anyone’s still out there… what’s up? 😛 Among the things that broke was some stuff involving the comments, so feel free to respond and help me confirm that at least that’s working. (Also it’d be cool to hear from any remaining readers. ‘Cause… yeah.)

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