July 15, 2011
Tales from the Dusty Plastic HELLside!

Aaaaaand, yeah, I’m not even going to bother with excuses. We’ve been gone a while; we’re back today; hopefully we’ll stick around for a bit. I do still have lots of nifty Scary-Crayon content queued up, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll post it anytime soon.

CASE IN POINT: Dusty Plastic HELLside #24. I’ve been sitting on this for a while — since before “The Doctor’s Wife” even aired, and that was back on May 14th. I recreated the scene based on the “Doctor Who” Series 6 trailer. In the actual episode, the line didn’t play out as well… it sort of came out of nowhere, and at a time when you wouldn’t expect a line like that out of the villain unless perhaps it fed on fear and wasn’t getting enough. That said, it sounded a bit silly even without any context, and I thought of this shortly after I heard it. FEAR HIM indeed.

Dusty Plastic HELLside #25 is fairly new, though! Our pal Bacardi visited recently, and while I was photographing us together I got it into my head to shoot a quick comic. Bacardi HATES having his picture taken, but he was a pretty good sport for this round… even if he was not amused by our mock dialogue. 😉 And, yes, there’s another “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” reference. I SO loved that show.

In other news… readers of Articulated Discussion might have noticed that it’s been down for some time. This saddens me — especially since I don’t know if it will ever return (the decision is not up to me). But I hope it will. And hey, if it doesn’t, there’s no law stating I can’t review toys here! I’ll have to find some way to make them fun again, though. Maybe include more haikus or something.

Finally, a plug! Interrobang Studios was on a temporary hiatus due to head cartoonist Kevin’s temporarily crippling back injury… but as my uses of “temporary” and “temporarily” suggest, neither the hiatus nor crippling nature of Kevin’s injury persisted. Interrobang is now back and at ’em, so swing by there and give the new comics a read! Particularly this one… for obvious reasons. 😉

SO, yeah. I can’t and won’t say when the next update will come. But since Kevin mentioned my love of oatmeal in the comic, here’s a preview of an upcoming foodstuffs piece…

Fried oatmeal balls!

FRIED OATMEAL BALLS! Yeah, it doesn’t sound all that healthy, but it’s probably better for you than cookie burgers. :mrgreen:

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