July 17, 2006


And here’s another one for the upcoming video game section (i.e., the category page I intend to create whenever I get around to tweaking the links on the site layout) — three reviews of games featuring DALEKS. As noted in the article, there are far more than three such games, but these are some of the more notable ones for various reasons. In the case of Doctor Who: Dalek Attack, that reason is that it’s as freaking hard as Dalekanium. There are supposedly different Daleks in the game as you progress, so if you happen to be freaking awesome and actually get to them, do feel free to send me screencaps. Not that I’ll necessarily use them for future Hot Flashes (though there’s an idea) — I mostly just wanna see what the buggers look like. ‘Cause I really like ’em Daleks.

Not sure if it’ll be next time — ’cause there are tons of articles on deck — but there is definitely more Dalek madness on the way. STAY TUNED!

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  • To be honest, Dr. Who is a show I’ve been aware of my whole life but never watched or had any clue what it’s about.

    Anyway, after some wikipedia research I have to say that the ascpects of the show I find most interesting are that the main actor gets replaced perodically (because it reminds me so much of Kamen Rider), and the whole origin story about him having been a “Time Lord”. So what storylines should I look for that tie into the Doc’s Time-Lord past?

  • Wes says:

    Admittedly, the replacing of the titular character was the most attractive thing about the show to me as well — at least before I started watching in earnest. Far from being some impressive godlike beings, the Time Lords (or Gallifreyans, from the planet Gallifrey) are just a humanoid alien race that’s mastered time travel and happens to have the ability to extend their lives by means of regeneration. They’re a lot like many other “civilized” alien races (think a standard aristocratic government with a hierarchy and dress that takes after the Catholic order) — passable, but far less interesting than the varied enemies and situations that the Doctor has to deal with on a regular basis.

    I haven’t seen all that many episodes in which it’s been discussed in depth — apparently the details regarding the Doctor’s past have been spread out across a number of episodes — but you can get a fairly good idea of what the Time Lords are like in “The Five Doctors”, which also kind of doubles as a quick primer regarding the first five Doctors (albeit sans Tom Baker). Hurndall’s temperamental first Doctor is pretty weak in comparison to Hartnell’s classic portrayal, though.

  • An Eskimo says:

    I somehow thought that a Dalek article could’ve happened. What did you think of the Superman movie? For me, it was OK, but definitely not as good as the first two which it was trying to follow up.

  • I’m a little disappointed that the “Time Lords” aren’t quite as amazing as their name suggests but still it looks interesting. I’ll bet I can find “The Five Doctors” on DVD at the video section of Barne’s and Noble (they have alot of PBS/BBC shows), it does look rather cool. Definately taking advantage of the actor replacement thing
    (which again reminds me of Kamen Rider who also has crossover specials with earlier versions).

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  • lee finley says:

    crap website

  • Matt Alexander says:

    Hah hah, awesome. I’ve come across a Dr.Who Doom II Total Conversion in the past, dont’ exactly know where it is now but it had plenty of Daleks in it, thought that was in need of mentioning.

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