July 22, 2012
Scary-Crayon survived California!

Hey, all — just a quick note to say that I’ve returned safely from my trip to SDCC 2012. Apparently the trip really tired me out — I’ve been doing a lot of sleeping since my flight landed on Thursday morning (I even sadly slept through half of The Dark Knight Rises, which I’m guessing was the good half because what I did see was kinda weak) — but I’m starting to recover my strength and will be posting more SDCC content in the coming days.

Also, once I get done with that, I’ll have reviews of some of the items I picked up at the convention! In the meantime, though, here’s an article highlighting the toys I brought home from the con. It’s cool stuff, but I’m still kinda miffed I couldn’t get Zecora and the Marvel Legends Uncanny X-Force set. 😐

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