July 25, 2009
Dusty Plastic HELLside #1!

So, I finally settled on a name! Thanks for those of you who offered suggestions and input — I really did consider going with HELLion, but the Hell Lion confusion seemed more appropriate for a character than a comic series (unless said comic were about the king of an infernal jungle). Anyway, I like HELLside because the name more/less exemplifies my view of these comics — they’re like fringe tales from the greater Dusty Plastic HELL universe, and also like side orders to pad the sparsely distributed main courses. In keeping with the side order thing, the title graphic also includes an order of fries. Except instead of fries, there’s just fire shooting out of the carton. Yes.

Anyway, in Dusty Plastic HELLside #1, today the Grim Reaper visits Cobra Commander. Fairly simple stuff. The title is a reference to a scene in the old cartoon in which Destro happens upon Cobra Commander eating and is apparently repulsed — prompting CC to remark, “It takes a strong stomach to watch me eat, eh Destro?” And presumably, having a strong stomach would have prevented…

The fact that all of my jokes must be explained is probably why not too many people find me terribly funny. 😛

ALSO! I do plan to post more of these in a gallery of sorts if I ever get more, but in the meantime I’ll post Monty’s awesome clown bubble remix thingy submissions here so that y’all can appreciate them! Behold:

Monty knows that there are several ways to read the clown's dialogue.

Monty loves RoTF references.

Hopefully that’ll inspire y’all to grab this image (right-click the link and select “Save As…” to save it, or just grab it from the end of this article) and make and send over your own clown comics! Please? Seriously, I even posted the thing on DeviantArt and Monty’s the only one who’s submitted. :mrgreen: for Monty, but 🙁 for the overall lack of SC/unicycle clown love.

You can find more cool stuff from Monty at RawToys, by the way.

Aaand that’s all for now! More stuff on the way, yadda yadda, stay tuned.

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  • Monte says:

    Best Cobra Commander toy ever!

    • Wes says:

      I’m not sure I agree with that — there are a lot of CC figures out there, and some of them seem quite good (and neither this nor those are in my preferred scale) — but he’s certainly the best CC I own. 🙂

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