July 26, 2006
Genesis of the Homemade Daleks: Part 1!

As promised, here’s more Dalek madness with a bona fide arts ‘n’ crafts feature — Genesis of the Homemade Daleks: Part 1! I realize this may not have a ton of appeal for readers who don’t have kids and/or can afford to drop $50 for an official Dalek (to say nothing of folks who don’t care about the things at all!), but at the very least you can read it and laugh about what a loser your 25-year-old must be to undertake such a goofy, childish project. Alrighty then. 😐

In the upcoming second part, we’ll make even more homemade Daleks based on the pattern at The Ultimate Dalek Factory. There will, however, be several really nifty upgrades to the procedure. For your money, this is the method that’ll net you the most authentic-looking Dalek for the lowest price (even cheaper than this first outing) — so unless you’d really like to try this with children or are particularly keen on the cuteness of the shuttlecock Daleks (and they are cute), you’ll want to hold out for that one.

And I meant that stuff about being interested in additional quick and cheap Dalek-making ideas, so do share if you happen to have some. I’ll probably break down and buy one of the more expensive official Daleks (or maybe one of these cool handmade ones) in the near future, but until then I’ll have to settle for increasing my army via bootleg tactics. 😉

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  • agustinaldo says:



  • I rather like this article and I think given how they’re made those homemade Dalek figures look pretty good (I wasn’t expecting them to look half as good as that).

    I do agree that gold foil would be the way to go for those bumps, I’d like to mention that Hershey’s Special Dark candy bar wrappers are an excellent source of surprisingly high-quality gold foil paper. I used to use that foil to decorate the Buddha shrine in my room.

    This actually reminds me of all the homemade Power Ranger toys I made as a lad (both before and after I got the official “Figure Maker” which I still consider a fantastic kit to own regardless of my changed opinion of Power Rangers).

  • h says:

    wow – ur a genius, fab idea fro my Doctor mad son’s 6th B-Day party – Ican see it now 24 x 6 year olds making these!!!!

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