July 29, 2012
A quick progress update!

Hey, folks! Just wanted to post something to let y’all know I’m not dead… which, with comment threads now being included in articles, is probably the kind of thing the blog will end up being used for. 😛 Also, I wanted to make clear that I haven’t forgotten about the SDCC content. It might end up being fashionably late, but it’s coming! And hopefully it’ll still be interesting no matter how timely it is.

I was planning to post a couple of SDCC pieces tonight, but then I got kinda sidetracked (for HOURS) fooling around with gallery plugins and image layout and whanot. Probably won’t end up changing too much visually, but it’ll greatly simplify things on my end — which will ideally mean more and more frequent posts in the long run, since it’ll take me less time to put them together. Anyway, here’s a preview of the next SDCC-related article in the queue (it’s entirely possible I’ll post a really quick review of something else before I get it up).

Dude got eted real gewd.

And hey, while I’m posting pics of stuff, here’s another pic of the 2012 Nickelodeon TMNT figures. Word under the street is that Target stores will be placing them on shelves TODAY — but your mileage may vary, since certain stores have already shelved them and others might not get around to it until who knows when (if they ever do). Still, they’re pretty awesome, and if you haven’t gotten your mitts on them already I’d probably recommend stopping by your local Target (or at least giving a ring) to find out if the boys in green are on the scene in your scene — if you know what I mean.


Oh yeah, another thing — as you might know, I work on custom action figures (and occasionally even finish them). I typically post my WIP shots and updates and finished figures on the toy forums I frequent (and sometimes on Scary-Craypm’s tumblr and/or my DeviantArt page), but would anyone be interested in seeing/reading about my custom projects here on the blog? Posts would basically consist of me posting mockups and/or progress shots like these and talking a bit about the state of the project. For instance, for the latter two pics, I’d write about the need to grind the hell out of Raph’s shoulder area in order to prevent the paint from scraping away when you move the shoulder joints. Might be interesting, even for folks who don’t intend to become customizers themselves — and I’d try not to get too technical and obscure in my descriptions. 🙂

So yeah, that’s the idea. Let me know if that sort of thing in the blog would appeal to you — or at least let me know if you’d strongly object for some reason. Thanks for reading, and for sticking with Scary-Crayon!

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  • the Jax says:

    Why not make it an SC feature, something like “Utter Modness” or “It’s a Mod, Mod, Mod World”? (sorry)

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