August 2, 2011
Scary-Crayon reviews Stake Land!

The Powers That Be were kind enough to send along a review copy of Stake Land — which just came out on DVD today — so here’s my review of the film. It’s definitely worth a look if you’re into horror movies with meaning, though admittedly I have a hard time advising folks on renting or buying these days. It was one thing when rentals were $5 and you could only keep the film a few days… but now, with subscriptions and extended rental times and all that, it’s pretty difficult. If you’re at all interested in film or writing, you’ll definitely want to hang onto the movie long enough to check out the commentaries! And maybe the featurettes and other stuff, too. My review copy wasn’t the 2-disc special edition, so I can’t say much about what it includes.

Anyway, give the review a read, and check out Stake Land if it seems like your kind of thing. See you next time! 🙂

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