August 19, 2005
Everything’s all sticky.

Hey all. I was hoping to have a new article up for you tonight, but then I accidentally knocked over my Kool-Aid cup of Cocoa Krispies chocolatized milk and spent the next two hours cleaning that mess. I think I’ve gotten most of it, but I’m still finding patches of stickiness in unlikely places — my monitor, my headphones, my windowsill, etc. It’s like cleaning up after a bukkake shoot. Ugh.

So anyway, in lieu of a new article — for those of you who actually read the blog! — here’s a beatnik poem about chocolate milk. You supply the beat.

I want
know I want
to spill choc-o-late milk
allllllllllll o-ver


I want the brown
stick-y flu-id
to seep in-to
your ev’ry crevice

I want

(pause to nod to the band and wink at the audience)

to flip you up-side down
and pry apart your folds
that sweet, choc-o-late-y good-ness
from your body

with my wet pa-per towels

of love

Thank you, thank you. Barring another unforseen accident, I hope to have a new article for you tomorrow. Ja ne.

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  • ST@N says:

    Mmmmm…. chocolate flavored bukkake….. =d~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Caren says:

    The new essay is not coming up yet, at least on my computer…oh well.

    I love ‘blogs are not frogs’!!

    To respond in advance: One or two inches of help from shoes might make a big diff. I would suspect that the desire from a girl to feel comfortable and more protected in public would then be satisfied, and in private, who cares?

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