August 31, 2005
Be seeing you…!

Hey all — sorry for the paucity of updates as of late. I dunno if you were aware of it (I try to relegate discussion of that sort of thing to my personal blog), but I’ve been making plans for a big out-of-state move, and I’ve basically been going crazy with that and haven’t had much time to write wacky zaniness for the site. Apologies! Hopefully I’ll make up for it with not one but TWO articles this weekend. Okay, that might be pushing it, but I’m gonna try my best. 🙂

In the meantime, here’s the note I left on the broken copying machine at work a couple of weeks back. I’m so silly. 😉

A message from Z. Rox Machina.

Anyway, hope y’all have been well and continue to be so in my absence. And if you’re hankerin’ for more SC goodness, there are always older pieces in the section archives! Ja ne, minna-san!

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  • Molly says:

    Z. Rox Machina, haha. I leave goofy notes on malfunctioning copiers, too… but none so friendly. Sculls and crossbones, mostly. I’ve never been implicated for my actions… I hope to keep it this way.

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