September 5, 2005
A Crayon Haiku #33!

So I’m back. Can’t say the trip went all that well — and I’m bloody exhausted and will probably need a few more days to recover, ugh — but eh, it’s done and it’s left me with some more things to think about, so that’s good I guess. Anyway, you’re not here to read about my exploits — you’re here for SCARY-CRAYON WACKINESS — so let’s get on with that! Today’s quick update marks the return of a SC featurette that’s been awol for the summer: A Crayon Haiku #33. Gotta love that wacky Japan.

Fun fact: The very first Crayon Haiku was one of SC’s debut pieces back on January 25, 2004! Someday knowing that tidbit is going to win someone a nice chunk of cash in Jeopardy’s “Obscure Entertainment Websites” category. Hell, it might even be the answer to a Daily Double. 😉

Vampire Penelope Cruz!

And for those of you who didn’t get enough of the immortal Penelope Cruz in our writeup of El Ojo Rojo, here’s another pic. There’s more where that came from! Ja!

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  • Scorn the Terrible says:

    I completely agree with the sentiment you expressed in your haiku; blonde hair and blues eyes are certainly [i]not[/i] perfect. Furthermore, I fail to see how anyone could find blonde hair and blue eyes to even be attractive. They’re just physical features that do nothing to show what is TRULY important.

    Perfection? There is no such thing. Fuck the “Master Race”.

  • Wes says:

    Oh, I can certainly see why people would find blonde hair and blue/green eyes to be attractive — among myriad other features, of course (I’m quite partial to blue hair, personally) — but you’re right that they’re superficial attributes that hardly encompass the more worthy aspects of human beings. I was mainly noting that it’s odd that a Japanese cartoon’s perfect woman would be blonde-haired and green-eyed, since as far as I know those aren’t terribly common traits among native Japanese people! You see the same kind of thing in Dragon Ball Z with the Saiya-jin transformations. (At least until they start going Neanderthal and transforming into giant apes and whatnot, which seems to represent a kind of super-deevolution… but that’s a discussion topic for another time.)

    I also agree that it’s pretty odd to speak of genetic “perfection” — what sort of scale would one use to determine something like that? But that’s “Geneshaft” for you.

  • Scorn the Terrible says:

    Perfection is in the eye of the beholder, I guess. It’s also a manner of circumstance.

    For instance, fish are perfectly adapted to undersea travel, yes? However, does the perfection hold true when you toss the fish out of a tree? Methinks not, friend!

    Also, the red-eye PEnelope Cruz is somewhat disconcerting. It looks as though she’s trying desperately to hold in some inner rage and succeeding perfectly, save for the fact she burst a blood vessel in her left eye.

  • Raltar says:

    Dude…it’s all about red hair and green eyes.

  • Scorn the Terrible says:

    Are you inferring that Leprechauns are the true Master Race?

  • Raltar says:

    Yes…yes I am.

  • Scorn the Terrible says:

    Damnedable midgets!

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