September 14, 2009
It really is a sweet move.

And here’s the latest installment of Dusty Plastic HELLside, in which Raphael and Ryu meditate to control their inner demons. I really just wanted an excuse to show the modification I did to Raph, which involved popping his lower legs out and sanding down the square peg so that the leg can rotate at the knee. RADICAL! 😛

I’ve done similar mods to a bunch of Playmates figures over the past week (most satisfyingly with the Terminator Salvation T-700 and T-R.I.P. figures’ arms), which makes me wonder why the good folks at Playmates are so fond of these square pegs. Obviously they’re putting square wheels on the car to prevent it from moving, but why would you want a stationary car?! And yes, cars and joints aren’t the same thing, but I’m standing by my assertion that more articulation is better — especially when adding it doesn’t impact the sculpt or sturdiness of the toy in any discernible way.

Then again, I can kinda understand why they didn’t bother to add the swivel to the TMNT Turtles. Turning the knee into a swivel-hinge joint doesn’t add a whole lot of poseability to them — it pretty much enables them to sit with their legs bent and that’s it. Hence today’s comic!

As always, more to come, and thanks for reading Scary-Crayon!

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  • clark says:

    I have yet to pick up any of the TMNT movie figs, but I’ve been really tempted. Ever since I got all four of the NECA turtles last year I just haven’t really wanted to spend the money on any other incarnations.

    • Wes says:

      That’s probably a good call — the NECA versions seem to be the best figures in terms of articulation (among other possible categories), so there’s no reason to get any others unless you’re a particular fan of their design. I passed on the NECA figures since I’ve never been that keen on the red bandanas and the early Mirage artwork, though admittedly I kinda want the black-and-white versions after seeing Turtles Forever.

      Until Playmates releases some newer figures, though, the Fightin’ Gear and Mystic Fury Turtles from the 2K3 line will probably remain my favorites — they’ve got fairly decent articulation and look fairly close to the Turtles as seen in TMNT: Tournament Fighters. If only they had elbow joints!

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