September 15, 2005
The ‘Watch Idiots Eat Dinner’ Show.

So I was flipping through the channels tonight when I came across a show that consisted of a group of people sitting around a table while eating dinner. I fucking kid you not. Nor did they start hurling food at each other or do anything that would’ve made the show remotely engaging — they did stand up a few times and make goofy faces at each other like the assholes they’d have to be to think that their eating dinner was an interesting enough premise to carry a television show — they just fucking sat there and ate dinner.

Somewhere, I thought, people are so fucking bored, and have so little to do in their lives, that they are, at this very moment, sitting on their couches watching other people eat dinner on TV. Amazing.

I turned off the television in disgust and went upstairs to read a book.

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