September 24, 2005
Scary-Crayon Merchandise!

Okay, I just kinda threw this together on a late night Friday whim, and you’ll definitely hear about it again (as well as see images promoting it in the sidebar), but here it is — the first ever Scary-Crayon online store! It’s on Cafepress. So far there’s not much there — ten types of shirts, but they’ve all got the same basic design, which consists of this image —

Front image

— centered on the front (6″ x 6″) and this image —

Back image

— centered on the back (10″ x 10″). Shirts are various prices, with the Ringer T and the Ash Grey T-Shirt being the cheapest items at $16.99 a pop and the Sweatshirt being the most expensive one at $23.99. Given that most of the stuff reviewed on the site costs less than a fiver, it seems expensive as hell to me, but only $2-3 of that would be going to support the site — so if you just want to support SC, it’d probably be cheaper for you to click the Paypal donation image found at the end of every article and set your own amount. But if you want to support the site and get some nifty SC apparel out of the deal, now you can!

Anyway, whether you support us by donating via Paypal or buying shirts or sending encouraging e-mails or leaving comments or linking to us on your sites or weblogs or on forums or simply by visiting and enjoying our content (or not), thanks for visiting Scary-Crayon, minna-san — we really appreciate it. Hopefully you’ll continue to find the site to be mildly amusing and occasionally thought-provoking! 🙂

ADDENDUM: Two new items have been added to the store — the even cheaper $11.99 Value Tee and the Scary-Crayon Dog T-Shirt! Sugoi!

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  • Justin says:

    If I had money, I would certainly buy one, and I say anyone who has money and doesn’t order one is a terrorist, and should be defeated by our US government. You don’t want to be a terrorist, do you?


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